Is Wendy Davis Toast?


American Glob

So it Looks Like Wendy Davis Might be Finished

In her run for governor anyway.

The LA Times…

Democratic governors group lacks faith in Wendy Davis campaign

If Washington was reeling on Tuesday, the vertigo may have stemmed from something rare: blunt honesty from the mouth of an elected official.


It occurred as Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, head of the Democratic Governors Assn., detailed for reporters the group’s target races this year.

Top tier: Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida. Second tier: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin. Fingers crossed: South Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Arizona.

Notably absent was one of the supposed marquee races of 2014, Democrat Wendy Davis’ effort to derail Republican Greg Abbott in Texas.



20 Comments on Is Wendy Davis Toast?

  1. More like stale, moldly bread.
    No one wants to touch it or admit that it exists, But there it is right on the ballot.

  2. To be governor? Yes. However, she will still be a darling to the feminists and their boot-lickers. She will tour all of the middle and high schools and some colleges and tell breathlessly! about her tough life at the hands of…MEN. Mostly because there will be NO investigations of her ability as a parent as to why a judge awarded custody of HER child from a previous marriage to the child’s STEP-father. Hmmmm?!?!

    She will be the cardboard cutout prop used by the democrats to get more stupidity elected.

  3. If the DNC thinks they can rehab her, and seeing that she’ll have name recognition (even though it’s bad now), the odds of them trotting her out again are good.

    Dano — I think it’s safe to say you’re not a “boob man” OR a “leg man.”

  4. She was never in the oven in Texas, joke from day 1. But may see her for 2016, since the Rats seem to be trotting out every female they can find to become first “woman” president.

  5. Texas toast – makes the shit sammich that the dems will be eating, a little more palatable.

  6. Interesting and a little scary listening to Beck ruminating on all the transplants to Texas who are bringing their shit sandwich politics with them.

  7. They took the hook out and threw the bASS back. When you can see the worms crawling under the skin, no one is willing to bite, except BJ Clinton.


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