Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N?

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  1. So, all those precious snowflakes protesting Trump right now, who didn’t get enough vitamin N as children really need emergency therapy – a double dose of vitamins F and U.

  2. The parents are a huge part of the problem but so are the schools. At least here in Cali. they are. A friend of mine just stopped by the shop today, smoking mad. He had just visited his 8 year olds elementary school after being called about a behavioral issue with his son. Turns out he didn’t want to play with a couple girls on the playground today and was called into the front office for not being “inclusive”. My buddy was called at work to discuss matters with the principle.

  3. @Holden I. MaholdenTight: I don’t know, actually. Your limit depends a lot on your age, and whether or not you are taking Vitamin V.


  4. What is vitamin NegrO?

    Ben Carson?
    Tim Scott?
    Herman Cain?
    Allen West?
    Diamond and Silk?
    Stacey Dash?
    Michael Steele?
    Martin Luther King Jr.?
    Mia Love?

    If it is, I want more of it!

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