ISIS Allowed to Escape Raqqa

The BBC is reporting that hundreds of ISIS fighters and their families were allowed to drive out of Raqqa, the declared location of the caliphate,  before coalition forces captured the city. They have since fanned out across remote parts of Syria and Iraq with many trying to cross into Turkey to continue their escape out of the war zone.

Under the original arrangement, they were only allowed to evacuate their families and their personal weapons. All foreign fighters were supposed to be left behind.  Witnesses say ISIS members from multiple nations escaped with their families and brought out truck loads of weapons with them.

“This wasn’t so much an evacuation – it was the exodus of so-called Islamic State.”


13 Comments on ISIS Allowed to Escape Raqqa

  1. @Apollo The Kurds didn’t want to fight them in the city, not when they can just send them off to be someone else’s problem.

  2. Will ISIS return the favor and dropped leaflets in 1200 different languages before they attack one of our cities?

  3. Many of the comments here are showing a reduced “like” button indicating that I clicked on them to like a comment. I hadn’t clicked “like” on any of the comments, thus far.
    Seems kind of fishy so, I thought I’d let you know.
    And now, for my comment on this article, they should’ve slaughtered them as soon as they were away from Raqqa.

  4. This is called snatching defeat from the arms of victory. They should of been slaughtered without mercy,
    because that is exactly what they do to others!

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