ISIS and Brain Tumors

AmericanThinker: What in the world do brain tumors have to do with ISIS? Be patient and I will explain. The similarities make defeating either foe extremely challenging. Skeptical? Ask brain surgeon Ben Carson who has managed a lifetime of brain tumors.

Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is an aggressive malignant brain tumor. It has no interest in politics, taking the lives of a former Republican National Committee chairman Lee Atwater and a longstanding Democrat U.S. senator, Ted Kennedy. It also takes no prisoners, with a median survival of 12 months, few patients surviving 5 years or longer. There are tumors and there are tumors, but this is a bad one, without a cure. Instead treatment is directed at delaying the inevitable.

Why is GBM so bad and what’s the connection to ISIS? GBM has some unique treatment challenges, many similar to the difficulties combating ISIS.

“Localization of tumors in the brain” is the first challenge. Where is ISIS? What’s their country? Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan? Where is their capitol? Where is the head of the snake? In WWII there was Berlin and Tokyo. Not so with Isis. GBM is multiform, hence its name. Existing in many forms or kinds. Different nationalities – Syrian, Iraqi, and other Middle East countries. Not to mention home-grown ISIS members from France, Germany, Belgium, Colorado, or wherever. How can a surgeon treat a tumor without knowing its origin? Remove a tentacle of an octopus and a new one grows back. Same with GBM and ISIS.

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  1. May need to treat it (ISIS) with radiation.
    Lots of radiation.
    Megatons of radiation.

    (I know radiation isn’t measured in Megatons, I was attempting humor)

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