ISIS Annihilated in Mosul

Multiple sources are reporting that Iraq’s prime minster, Haider al-Abadi, has arrived in Mosul and is expected to announce the recapture of the city from ISIS. As the battle drew to a close,  a reported 40 ISIS members tried to cross the Tigris to another part of the city but were caught and all but five killed.


12 Comments on ISIS Annihilated in Mosul

  1. I imagine that America will foot the bill for some of the reconstruction, so that it can be destroyed again when the Muslims revert to their favorite blood sport of religious throat cutting.

  2. God Bless those Iraqis who stayed to fight for their country. The sacrifices our soldiers make would seem less wasted, if Afghanistan citizens would do the same. I know we have ‘advisors’ helping in Iraq, so this has to be very heartening to our military.

    I hope their country is freed from the all of the animals soon. Iraq is a great example that ISIS can be defeated.

  3. What’s this “all but five were killed” crap? Sloppy. Very sloppy. Go back and finish the job!

  4. @Corona, I’m hoping the Iraqi troops are waterboarding them (with encouragement from our troops).

  5. Outrage. I hope ALL ISIS fighters around the world converge on Iraq for this horrible injustice.

    Then we can give both sides weapons and get the popcorn.

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