ISIS Claims Attack On Iran’s Parliament

ISIS is claiming responsibility for an attack on Iran’s Parliament building and the shrine to the Islamic state founder Ayatollah Khomeini this morning. There were four attackers who managed to kill twelve and wound dozens more. The successful attack came off despite numerous security measures imposed by the police state that is Iran.


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  1. It’s funny that they blow each other up even though they’re all after the same goal. But hey, only one insane group can be on top, right?

  2. Islam. Mohamed’s gift to the world.
    Iran isn’t extreme enough and must be punished.
    Love is the answer and by love I mean explosions.

  3. I heard one report that one attacker was arrested. I’m pretty I would rather be dead than arrested for terrorism in Iran.

  4. Paging John Kerry & James Taylor- your flight to Tehran is ready for boarding. Go and do us proud boys. Your healing powers are truly needed. Here is the best part- if footage of you two being strung up like pinatas actually engages the Progdyltes of this nation Trump will have a free pass to bomb Iran’s reactors.

    Now that is a win/win.

  5. The terrorist Islamic State of Iran is attacked by an islamic terrorist state that Iran funded and armed.
    It has a good ring to it. More Please.

  6. Are we so sure that ISIS really did attack them or did the Mullas just grab a few gays and shot them, tossed a couple fo bombs, didn’t do a lot of damage to make it appeat that Iran is just one of the boys being threatened by ISIS? Remeber that Qatar has been cut off by just about every Arab nation for harbouring Islamist Terrorists and maybe Iran figured they’d better do something. After all don’t they finance Hezbollah and Hamas as well as Al Queda and a number of other terrorist groups. I don’t think it passes the smell test.

  7. Re: cato “The terrorist Islamic State of Iran is attacked by an islamic terrorist state that Iran funded and armed.
    It has a good ring to it. More Please.

    Iran funded and armed ISIS? Not significantly.

    Saudi Arabia, Israel, and America fund, supply, and train ISIS/Al-Qaeda. Sunni/Salafist islamic faction – mainly ethnic Arabs.

    Iran funds, supplies, and trains Hezbollah and Hamas, among others. Shiite islamic faction – mainly ethnic Persians.

    We should sell arms to both the Arabs and the Persians – so they’re kept busy killing each other in the Sandbox, rather than raping and murdering White girls in the West.

  8. @AC
    “Iran funded and armed ISIS? Not significantly.”

    Iran Is More Deeply Tied To ISIS Than You Think. I would suggest that over 20 years of providing financial, material, technological, and other military support services to al-Qaeda, the predecessor who evolved into ISIS, is significant.

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