Isis Expansion Along U.S. Borders

SiouxlandNews: WASHINGTON, D.C. –Our southern border is long and U.S. border patrol agents work to fight illegal activity like illegal immigration, drugs and now according to an FBI consultant, the border could be an attractive region for ISIS thanks in part to powerful drug lords.

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

“Drug dealers have found a way to move money without it being followed,” said Tyrone Powers, Former FBI Agent. “They found a way to move people in and out and they found a way to move product.”
That product powers refers to is tons and tons of meth, heroin and pot transferred through a labyrinth of tunnels from Mexico.

Drugs that are headed for the streets of the U.S.

But these tunnels could easily be an underground highway for ISIS to spawn its brutality here.

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  1. Somehow I just don’t see ISIS getting along that well with Mexicans, whom they would regard as infidels. The one thing that ISIS and the drug dealers DO have in common is that they both like to decapitate people and rule through terror.

  2. Well, if this works out we’ll soon have the LGBTAXYZ issue settled from the tops of multistory buildings. With ISIS, if you’re queer – you’d better grow wings.

  3. The porous border wasn’t just intended to aid a bunch of poverty-stricken rat-people. Obola figured, correctly, that the border could also be used to infiltrate ISIS and at least one of Iran’s nukes at a later date.

    “Never attribute to incompetence what can adequately be explained by malice.”

  4. Where are the A-10s when columns of ISIS faggots hit the road like this? One pass with Depleted Uranium shells would send them all to hell in a matter of seconds.

  5. the behind leading from behind – sure lets his muzzbruzz make the most advancement possible, don’t it?? (all over the world)
    and once they lay claim to it, it’s theirs forever, so they think… i’m guessing they’ll take that federal park land that’s already been designated a no-go zone for the drug cartels.

  6. Thanks to 0bama, iSIS has money to burn. That’s what is most important to the cartels – money. They are evil enough themselves to overlook anything iSIS does. Just hand over the money and follow the red carpet through the tunnels.

    We will stop these islamic goatfuckers ourselves when the time comes.

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