ISIS GoPro Footage Reveals Horrific Reality

GoPro footage reveals horrific reality of what it’s like to fight for Isis (IBTimes UK)

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  1. I saw this video a few days ago, there is another source with added subtitles which will make you laugh.. they misplace certain RPG’s and then use the wrong ones, they used an anti-personal when they wanted an anti vehicle type.. it’s freaking hilarious to watch..

  2. You mean the horrific reality where they are such fuck ups that me and my little brothers and some hillbillies could probably win a toe to toe with all these idiots?

  3. I watched this the other day too. But a couple days ago we lost one of our best in a Fire Fight. A Seal with balls as big as all out doors. Protecting the Flank while others escaped. One of Obama’s advisors. He was the last “advisor out”. He was protecting a bunch of MARSOC guys as they were pulling back. Excuse me, “Raiders”. Fucking Berry killing are kids. But then again he grew up a dope smoking pussy. Not his fault not knowing how to fight. He’s use to assuming the position. Mean while footage has leaked out of that battle. Ain’t I phones a bitch Berry. Yea so anybody but Trump assholes.

  4. PS, That Seal was a gifted athlete. A long distance all American. He had a cousin that was an Olympic swimmer. However he had a realative that had crossed the law. Guess what MSNBC focused on?

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