ISIS reveals new flag – IOTW Report

ISIS reveals new flag



h/t Magnum.

24 Comments on ISIS reveals new flag

  1. New would imply there has been a change – I contest this has been the flag all along, looks the same as it ever was. If we stick to it maybe a news outlet will pick-up and run it.

  2. New flag or not, isn’t it interesting how these savages are so tough they cover their face to avoid identity??
    Then again, if I were humping animals I would also attempt to avoid recognition.

  3. Go figure.
    Claim to be fighting for your god, but so ashamed that you cover your face. Their phony god might be ashamed of them, too.

  4. what in the wide wide world of sports does the guy on the left have slung over his shoulder? That’s no AK. That goats kinda hot. BACK OFF WILLEY!!!!!!

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