ISIS: Thanks for the trucks, stupid!

PersonalLiberty: The U.S.’s recent decades-long romps around the Middle East did little to spread quell global terror threats, provide stability or spread western democracy. If you watch the news, you know that. What you may not know, is that your tax dollars are now blowing up a bunch of infidels on Allah’s behalf.


Over the past 12 years, our benevolent leaders handed some 3,000 heavily-armored Humvees  humvee

over to the Iraqi security forces in an effort to help them maintain order in the country ravaged by sectarian violence thanks to destabilization.

But as the Islamic State began making more noise over the past few years, we’ve learned a couple things about the Iraqi peacekeepers.

We didn’t do a very good job training them.   MORE

4 Comments on ISIS: Thanks for the trucks, stupid!

  1. Lenin supposedly said, ““The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

    Well, we’ve giving the shit away now.

  2. Another failed obama policy resulting in the arming, supporting and financing of ISIS. This may have been his intent all along.

  3. this is what happens when politicians “play war”.
    no victory.
    high casualties.
    no troop support.
    “unexpected” outcomes.

    of course those of the political ruling elite who like to “play war” and made this mess complain that trump does not have the experienced nuance required to lead the free world.

  4. Obola’s plan from the start.
    Arm, aid, and abet the Caliphate.
    Nuclearize Iran (and the Caliphate, by proxy).
    Isolate Israel.
    De-stabilize Syria.
    Radicalize Turkey.
    Genocide the Christians.
    Flood Europe and America with jihadis.
    Collapse the economies of the World.

    Makes you wonder why the ‘smart’ people pretend that they can’t see it.

    izlamo delenda est …


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