Islam and Black Americans

DefendTheModernWorld: A common perspective holds that America is a haven of non-Islam, of kafirdom and cultural infidelity, and that while Europe is destined to become ever more Middle Eastern and North African in the future, America shall long remain a shining city on a hill; proudly old-fashioned in its Christian, patriotic Anglo-Saxonism.

This is not entirely inaccurate. Compared to Western Europe, America has certainly retained an enviable cultural-religious clarity. It is still uncontroversial to postulate that America is a ‘Judeo-Christian’ country, either in the media or from the political podium. The only protest aroused by such a claim tends to be from spectacle wearing atheists, and who on Earth could find them intimidating? By contrast, if one made the same claim about Europe, the backlash would be of an immeasurably more serious kind. People would die. Windows would be smashed. Heads might possibly be removed. America is simply more confident and self-assured than Europe – more willing to stand its ground and preserve its original identity.

But this is not to say that America doesn’t have a problem with Islam. On the contrary, the nation may have more of a problem with Islam than Europe, depending entirely on how ‘Islam’ is defined.  more

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  1. “What has this to do with the Islamic religion authored by the Arabs in the 7th century? Indeed, is this Islam at all? Does the Nation of Islam actually care about Islam, or are they merely using it as a façade, as a cosmetic and/or political cover?”

    That is a question I’ve pondered from time to time. Finally get some explanation.

    MJA – Great read. Thank you.

  2. They believe a Mother Ship is going to descend and…what exactly. Then there’s the fascination with numbers with all kinds of mumbo-jumbo. And don’t forget the splinter groups like the Five Percent Nation.

    It’s the perfect dogma for low IQs. The author hit it on the head when he said we don’t laugh our asses off at this craziness because of the protected status that blacks have in our country.

    He also makes the point that no NOI members have gone off to join ISIS or whomever. They might call themselves moslims and pray to allah but the real deal arabs aren’t buying it.

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