Islam Can’t Be Reformed

Adunis Asbar, known as the greatest living Arabic-language poet, stated recently in an interview that Islam can’t be modernized because to do so would lose the original meaning of the religion.


 As a Muslim himself, Asdunis seems to think it’s contributes nothing to the betterment of mankind.

“It produces no thinking, no art, noscience, no vision that could change the world.”


 Asdunis is a Syrian who has been living in Paris since 1975. Of course there are multiple fatwas and death threats against him personally and burnings of his books in the Muslim world. 


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  1. If I can’t keep creepy crawly pests out of my home, I use pest control. I never try to placate, appease, change or in any way compromise with them. Bye, bye.

  2. As I see it, one big difference between Christianity and Islam is that if you reject Christianity, Christian fundamentalists will threaten you with burning in Hell. If you reject Islam, Islamic fundamentalists will burn you here on Earth.


  3. @TSUNAMI: It may already be too late for Michigan. Our best plan now would be to fall back to prepared defensive positions along the Indiana/Ohio state borders and try to hold out until reinforcements arrive.


  4. Oh, c’mon.

    Is “reformed” Judaism really Judaism? If they don’t keep Mosaic law, then how are they any different from any other “religion?”

    Are Christians who don’t believe in the divinity of Christ, Christians? What’s the point? If Christ isn’t the Christ, then Christianity is just another reformed Judaic sect.

    If you don’t believe in Shiva and the other gods, how can you claim to be Hindu? You’re just another vegetable sect.

    If you don’t believe in the divinity of Obola, how can you call yourself a Demonrat? One must be willing to run, lemming-like, into the sea on the orders of the Central Committee to be a tried and true Demonrat.

  5. An evil, toxic, inhuman death cult that glorifies the most horrific conduct humanity is capable of, which can’t be reformed, and is incompatible with long-term human survival?

    Sounds like the choice is between the the slow, hellish, suicide by islamification, or the absolute extermination of islam.

    I’ll take option B.

  6. If these People get a chance they will take over the Earth.
    Then the slide into extinction for the human race will be like the 19th description of Cave Man Days: Nasty, brutish and short.

  7. Well, actually Islam does have a world-changing vision, but it’s so utterly repellent that any right-thinking person would oppose it.

  8. I thought Obama said Islam contributed greatly to America success ….etc. etc. etc. I guess he lied to us ??!!!!

  9. Christianity and islam are exact opposites.

    *The Bible tells us that Jesus died for our sins.

    *The koran says you have to kill those who don’t buy into islam. And if YOU, the moslem, die while killing non-moslems, that’s your free ticket to paradise: by way of hate-filled murder of those who are different. islam’s allah won’t do shit for you.

    *The Bible says to love your neighbor as you love yourself.

    *The koran says to kill that neighbor if he’s not willing to submit to islam. And shag his goats too, even if he is a muzz.

    But the Bible does not say that we are to allow any cult of of the devil to force us to leave Christianity or bow down to their moon-god. We are to defend what is good and righteous, and to resist the devil.

    And I say this as a Christian, a Jew, and a sinner. No one will ever cite me as an example of the righteous Christian. But I’m still proud to be a member who knows he is fully welcome. Both here, and in heaven.


  10. @ Vietvet, a true Christian won’t threaten you with anything. They may, however, feel it is their duty to warn you about what comes next. It’s always a take it or leave it proposition, or it’s not Christianity – just some assholes using the name to justify their own agenda.

    God couldn’t force us all to love Him because that would not be love at all if force were involved. It’s always a free-will choice in true Christianity. Never any threats or force. Otherwise, it’s not really Christianity, just somebody using the name but not the wisdom and guidance.

    Just so you know, not preaching to you.


  11. @VietVet..
    Where a muslim is told to kill the infidel, the christian witness is told in Matt 10:14
    “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that house or town”.

    Which one is peaceful?


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