Islam Will Never Let Me Be Free

American Thinker:

I left the land of my ancestors for the land of the free to escape Islamic tyranny. Yet Islamic tyranny has followed me on my heels here. Even here I am not free to speak my mind. I must constantly look of over my shoulders to make sure that a knife of an Islamist zealot doesn’t slash my throat, or his bullet pulverizes my brain as he aims to secure a posh place for himself in Allah’s paradise. Not a good feeling to have to live with, is it?

The potential killer and killers take all the advantages that this benign society offers to implement their dastardly schemes while people like me are virtual prisoners, for all intents and purposes

I say to the Muslims, let me make my case freely without threatening me. You roam around freely and carry out your well-orchestrated and generously financed campaign of propaganda, misinformation, and disinformation without me or anyone slowing you down, much less threatening your life. Our laws see to that protection for you. As for me, the laws will come to redress any grievance I may have only after I have been either maimed or killed. Small consolation.

It is long time due for you Islamists to sheath your swords and join the civilized world. Use the pen and show me where I have erred or misrepresented Islam. Merits and truth, not swords and bullets, should decide who is right and who is wrong.

Warring with Muslims

I have been challenged, “You want us to go to war with 1.5 billion Muslims?” Is that what you’re proposing us to do? Not at all. I am a peaceful non-violent man. I despise wars and killings — favorite activities of Muslims the world-over and ever-since the birth of their faith.

What I am saying is that Islam is at war with us, the free people of the world. I am saying that we shouldn’t surrender. We should reject in no uncertain terms their historical ultimatum of aslam taslam —  (surrender, become Muslim and you will have peace). We refuse to become Muslims. And no thank you we don’t want your peace. We should do all we can to defeat this menace. keep reading

6 Comments on Islam Will Never Let Me Be Free

  1. Quarantine at best, total extermination at worst. There is no way to co-exists. Anyone who thinks otherwise has already accepted allah as their god.

  2. Change your name legally. Leave town, don’t associate with the assholes.
    If battered spouses and witness protection people can do it, so can former mussies.

  3. My name is John. Do you have any goats?

    Ok, I’m being an asshole. Mustafa, pronounced “Muss-tuh-fuh” was actually a good guy. He’d probably cut my head off. But he was a decent dude.

  4. iSlam is an all-encompassing system of laws and strict regulations that covers everything they do, but most of all it is a “religion” of hatred, conquest and domination over all other religions and governments. It is a very brutal, fascist political state without borders masquerading as a “religion” that uses force in the form of subjugation, violence, mutilation or death for any who do not follow the rules keeping in mind that all non-Muslims are guilty of the capital offense of apostasy. It is muzlim supremacy at the very least and should be given no quarter and certainly no protection under any “religious” umbrella here in the West.


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