Islamophobic gay rights activist executed by homophobic Indonesian Muslims

NewsMachete: A gay rights activist was executed by Indonesian Muslims. Since we know that anyone who fears Muslims is Islamophobic, the dead gay man must have been an Islamophobe.


And the Muslims who killed him were probably homophobic. So which side are liberals supposed to take on a story that involves two of their most favorite groups? For them does Islam > Gay, or is Gay > Islam? Judging by the total lack of outrage in the liberal community on the level of anger at a Christian baker who refuses to participate in a gay wedding , I’m guessing that for liberals, Islam > Gay.  MORE

11 Comments on Islamophobic gay rights activist executed by homophobic Indonesian Muslims

  1. Who, as greedy imperialist trash, are we to judge their culture?
    After all, we only passed them 1500 years ago.

  2. In order for my plan to work, the musloids must first kill off all the faggots. Then, the heterosexual patriots kill all the musloids.

    Everybody left remaining wins.

  3. Well, it would be islam phobic to point out islam is homophobic so the safe ground is to say “all cultures are equal” and if you disagree “you’re a racist hater who hates”

  4. quick, springsteen!
    cancel your performance there right away!
    that will show them islamaphobes and homophobes that they cannot behave in such a manner.

  5. don’t tell me, the gay asked the muslim to bake a cake right?

    if only the bakers and florists in the usa had introduced the gays to the roof over the bakery and them helped them down to their car like the muslims did, then they would not have been taken to court right?

  6. In the war of islamophobia v. homophobia, it’s a safe bet that you won’t beat a guy armed with a knife if all you have is a rainbow.

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