Isn’t It Time To Lick HPV?

Charlotte Observer-  About 13,200 new HPV oral cancers are diagnosed in U.S. men each year, compared with 3,200 in women, according to federal data. Treatment – surgery, chemotherapy, radiation – can have disfiguring, disabling side effects. About half of late-stage patients die within five years.

In women, an HPV infection usually sets off the body’s defense mechanisms. The immune system makes antibodies that kill off the invader, then immune cells remain on guard, ready to attack if the virus reappears.
Rather than putting the immune system on guard and protecting men from the virus, infection sharply increased the chance of getting infected again with the exact same HPV type. And many men who got reinfected were celibate at the time.   More




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  1. How much more time, effort, and money are we going to spend on reckless sexual behavior? Billions to fight AIDS after it was sold to an unwitting, compassionate public as though it were a real threat to heterosexuals! Now they are supporting continued immoral actions and creating an atmosphere of fear among parents…. disgraceful, illogical, and evil.
    I’m fairly certain if this were a disease which targeted straight, white males it would be treated with social disdain and constant nagging from ‘health professionals’.

  2. @Tired Mom, you don’t want to go looking for images of HPV infections, unless you want to kill your appetite for the rest of the day.

  3. Dr. Tar. You said a mouthful.lolz.
    I did a photoshop image for a doctor once, regarding STD’s. Holy crap, y’all. I still shudder thinking about it.

  4. Wow! A six-sided star graphic to represent sexual sickness! HPV vaccine is a damaging killer in itself. Do some research! How much public reporting is being done about this. When even moronic doctors advise this vax, it proves that lying propaganda by (((them)) works to numb the vulnerable, non-questioning brain. “First, Do no harm.” is apparently not a priority teaching concept in medical school any more. BTW, (((they)) have been promoting sexual recreation for decades to youth via Satanwood. The Communist agenda marches on in the USA, and multitudes of Americans thrive on their own amoral destruction.

  5. Unless I missed it in the article, I didn’t see HOW a person get it if both partners have never had sex with anyone else.

    Licking toilet seats? Mouth kissing someone who has it? Or does it mainly have to be penetrating or oral sex with someone who already has the virus?

    So does this mean that two lifelong lesbians who never fooled around with anyone else are immune?

    I know these are smart Alec sounding questions but I’m really wondering.

    Since I just ate dinner I’m not too sure I want to google it.

  6. Just another Gardasil ad, or justification for forced immunization ala Rick Perry (which is why I would never vote for him or anyone else in the “we know everyone here is going to have lots of sex so we’re going to force you to take this shot” camp).

  7. I’m still p*$$ed that a pediatrician talked (near forced) me into letting him immunize our then pre-teen son into a hepatitis immunization. I knew he wouldn’t be active until marriage, but the doc said possible blood contact when playing basketball players is a factor. By that time, I was worn down by the doc and said go ahead. I regret it just because-because.

  8. Lifelong monogamous sex with both people starting out as virgins is the only way to be sure. Anything and everything else is potentially dirty and infective, and you may not know it until decades later.

  9. From the article,

    “While virtually all sexually active people will get infected at some point…”

    BS. 100% unmitigated deceptive BS.

    First, what does “sexually active” mean? What does “virtually all” mean? What’s the parameters here? They don’t have a clue so they won’t define it, because…

    Second, this is the same lie from decades ago that warned how literally EVERYONE is at risk from sexually transmitted AIDS, therefore $$$ was needed and sympathy for sodomites was called for.

  10. Once again, God’s word, as written in the bible, proves true. See Ann Barnhardt’s post on “that doesn’t go there”.

  11. Modern logic:

    Sex with anyone and without any consequences: good

    Live births: inconvenient and unnecessary, if not bad

    The sex that was designed to produce new humans: good

    Sex that cannot produce new humans: good

    Producing new humans: bad for Gaia

  12. For everyone who believes God is moving on the earth today, you first really need to explain why He, in His perfect holiness and righteousness, tolerates evils the likes of which DID NOT EXIST back in the days during which He, through various means, wiped entire civilizations from the face of the earth for their abominable wickedness, SUCH AS VERY THE THINGS WE’VE LEGALIZED AND PROUDLY PUBLICIZE TODAY.

    And yet God…the same God who leveled the cities of the plain and wiped out thousands of rebellious Jews…the God who supposedly is involved today in the affairs of men, when faced with OUR evils, has been and is doing…nothing.

    Please explain to me how that can be (I know what the Bible’s answer to that conundrum is, am curious if anyone else knows).

  13. @grool – Evil of man due to man’s choice to be so. It’s free will and what makes redemption of sin actually meaningful. Evil in terms of the challenge of unfortunate circumstances that make us stronger, not weak minded, weak spirited people. The hazards of living that make each moment of being alive an experience to be savored, that make us get off our butts and do something with the time, good fortune and good health that we are blessed with at the time.

    God doesn’t allow evil. Man does evil or calls things evil when they don’t always go his way.

    Take your choice of explanation. I’m sure there are others here that can provide more.

  14. @tRuth – You’re an idiot.

    That “six-sided star graphic” is a schematic of the quaternary structure of the virus itself. It isn’t “representing sexual sickness”, you fucking goober. It’s a picture of the causative organism.

    The HPV vaccine is not a “damaging killer”. You want me to do some research? OK, how does 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school, 4 years of residency in pathology, and 10 years experience in medical laboratories around the country sound? Probably not as good as your 15 minutes surfing around paranoid wacko websites, I’m guessing, right?

    If more parents would give their children the HPV vaccine, in a few years all our young adults would be vaccinated, and I wouldn’t be spending half my time looking at pap smears and cervical biopsies.

    If, as you seem to think, I didn’t care for my patients, I’d be advocating AGAINST the vaccine. My workload (and therefore income) would drop by approximately HALF if HPV infection was no longer an issue.

    Stupid people like you drive me right up the goddamn wall. You’re like CNN talking about guns. You know absolutely fuck-all about it, take shots at those of us who do, spew your ignorant bullshit all over everyone, and then strut off thinking you’re making sense.

    Like the saying goes, arguing with you is like playing chess with a pigeon.

  15. My wimmins are getting it, it’s some nasty shit. And yes, kissing does it too.

    We also get the HEPs available.

    Read up people.


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