Israel Destroys The Hezbollah Tunnels

Geller Report: The Israeli military spent most of December in an unusual occupation, delving deep into the earth, locating tunnels that had been dug by Hezbollah, out of solid rock,from Lebanon into Israel, at depths that sometimes reached 300 feet underground. These tunnels represented a colossal investment of time and energy by Hezbollah. But Hassan Nasrallah and his collaborators no doubt thought even the Israelis would not be able to locate tunnels that were hundreds of feet underground. They were to be used in a future coordinated attack: Hezbollah would let loose with barrages from its store of 140,000 missiles and rockets, able to hit anywhere in Israel, and its fighters would push into Israel above ground, while at the same time Hezbollah operatives would suddenly appear in Israel from those tunnels, exploiting the element of surprise, to carry on terror operations against civilians in the Galilee. The plan was for the fighters to then escape back through the same tunnels to Lebanon. Another part of the plan was for those fighters to kidnap Israelis, preferably soldiers and children, and take them through the tunnels back to Lebanon to be held until one of those lopsided exchanges could be arranged, such as we saw in the past, most recently when 1,027 “Palestinians” were exchanged for a single Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in 2011. Each of the six tunnels had several points of entry in Lebanon and several exits in Israel. It was an impressive effort, and hellishly difficult, one might have thought, to discover and then destroy all of these labyrinthine structures hundreds of feet underground. But the Israelis — did you doubt they would? — have proved equal to the task.

As Micah Halpern has explained here, Israel has destroyed the six tunnels using ingenious methods.  more here

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  1. Israel will be sharing this technology with the US which can then use it along the southern border drug and human trafficking tunnels.

    At least if the Democrats will allow it, which I suspect they will be opposing the same way they oppose the border wall.

  2. If only Israel haters would spend as much time and energy thinking of ways to contribute to the world instead of destroying and killing their part of the world wouldn’t be such a shit hole. And wherever they go wouldn’t become a blight on the planet.

  3. Just invade Israel with grabbing someone else’s child by the hair, forcing them toward the border and demand asylum.

    These military tactics are so 20th Century. . .

  4. They could have used these as the beginning structures for some deep-well septic systems, of course the Hezbollah may have still gladly climbed through them so the danger may have remained.

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