Israel Must Lift Its Ridiculous Gun laws

Caught on video is just one of a recent deluge of attacks by filthy Palestinians (yes, I said filthy) upon ordinary Israeli citizens. This type of attack is known as the ram and stab. This is when a filthy Palestinian (why do I even repeat the made-up construct “Palestinian”??) drives a car into a few people and then gets out and starts stabbing everyone in sight.

Fortunately, an Israeli, perhaps disregarding Israeli gun laws, pulls out his concealed carry and shoots the terrorist before he can kill any more people.

The video is GRAPHIC.

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  1. Dead, the shitstain gets virgins; alive, he gets gotz! The fitting end scene to this would have been the scene the other day when one of these shitstains got injured during his attack and is subdued; when on the stretcher enroute to the ambulance, a bystander runs and puts a pork cutlet on the jihadist wannabe’s forehead.

    No virgins and a perfect f-you to these sister humping goat jockeys.

  2. Wasn’t graphic enough for me-I wanted to see the scumbag’s face a couple inches from the camera to catch the pink mist of his brains getting shot out.

    Israel is in a tough spot, I mean besides being surrounded by 100s of MILLIONS of fanatics that want to destroy them. Their kind hearted attempts to integrate arabs into their country results in this shit.

    Generations of Palis being taught lies and hate is impossible to get around. I’d want to totally segregate myself from them. And I mean TOTALLY. Let them wallow in their bile.

    When I was in Israel and came near any Palis, you could feel the seething hate emanating from them. And that was almost 20 years ago. Now? I can’t imagine.

  3. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

    So a guy walks into a cannibal meat market and says to the butcher, “wow! why is the meat of an Englishman so cheap? Only $40 a pound”.

    The butcher says the English are tough.

    The guy sees French meat and is astonished at the price, $150 a pound. The butcher says that’s because French men a soft and tender.

    Then the guy sees Palestinian meat at $400 a pound. He looks at the butcher shrugs his shoulders and says, meh?

    The butcher says, “Have you ever tried to clean a palestinian?

  4. If you watched the video you would see it’s not a knife that was used it was some type of HATCHET or meat cleaver.

  5. I’d like to know what make, model and caliber of handgun as well as the ammo that was used by that brave Israeli against that Filthy Moslem Savage. Because whatever he used, it sure as shit didn’t have enough stopping power. You need to knock their dick in the dirt.

    After the FMS got up the first time I would have capped the FMS twice in the head. Dead. Right. There.

  6. You don’t have to add the “filthy” to “Palestinian” because “Palestinian” is actually Akkadian for “filthy fucking raghead.”

  7. Some people just don’t seem to want to die, that’s why we have large capacity magazines and the fact that cowards travel in packs sometimes.

  8. Someone needs to reaquaint themselves with the “Mozambique Drill.”

    Recommend they fast forward the movie Collateral to the “Hey Homie, is that my briefcase?” scene for a refresher on how it’s done.

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