Israel significantly relaxes gun license regulations


The move is expected to cause hundreds of thousands of Israelis to apply for a license immediately.

According to Haaretz, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan will allow any Israeli who underwent level 07 rifle training in the IDF to apply for a gun license. All infantry soldiers are certified as 07, in addition to all combat squad commanders and the majority of IDF officers. The vast majority of IDF soldiers aren’t combat soldiers and are certified as level 02.

While the police do not oppose the move, it requested that the mandatory training course be expanded to four and a half hours from the current two. The updated guidelines are a direct result of efforts by the Knesset’s Gun Lobby head Likud MK Amir Ohana, who has long pressed for Israel to relax its tightly regulated firearms industry in order to allow citizens to protect themselves from terrorism.

“A civilian carrying a weapon is more of a solution than a threat, and doubles as assistance for the security forces,” Ohana told Haaretz, pointing out that “in 11 attacks in just the Jerusalem area, they neutralized the threat.”

“Sending the citizens of Israel to protect themselves with pizza trays, selfie sticks, guitars and umbrellas is a crime of the state against its citizens. A law abiding citizen, who has the basic skill required, is entitled to be able to defend himself and his surroundings.”


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  1. “Fine, when do we get (if ever) reciprocality across our fifty states?”

    when we survive civil war 2: electric boogaloo?

  2. In the US “Shall not be infringed” has become a cliché.
    Those words written plainly have been watered down and lost their originality.

    When will the Executive, Congress and Judiciary adhere to the constitution as intended?

    Not in my lifetime.

  3. Cato…

    Perhaps you are correct, but living in the republic of Illinois I never thought we’d get CC and we did. Although after the next election I’m sure they’ll find a number of ways to take it back…

  4. All ppl with a “combat arms” MOS.
    Makes sense for them maybe but
    I’m glad the Founders wrote in
    the 2nd Ammendment.

  5. @Anymouse

    I exited the People’s Republic of Illinois 6 years ago.
    I had carried unlawfully for over 30 years.
    Illinois would have had CC much earlier (by 2+ decades) if Senator Ralph Dunn of DuQuoin had voted right !


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