Israeli Invents “Disinfectant Tunnel” To Make Large Gatherings Safe From Wu Flu


Israeli researchers have developed a “disinfection tunnel” which they say could enable mass gatherings by spraying visitors with a sanitizing water-based liquid.

The walk-through tunnel, the joint venture of scientists at Bar Ilan University and the Karmiel-based industrial automation company, RD Pack, would reduce the danger of crowds at synagogues, hospitals, schools, sporting events and concerts even while a pandemic rages. More 

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  1. The nazi’s did this to the jews and now the tide has turned?….scary shit right there…

  2. When the Left realizes that this could be used for Trump rallies or the RNC convention, it will be labelled as anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-gay and any other phobic label they can think up.

  3. …make one that prevents the spread of Communism and Islam instead and we’ll talk….

    …also, for the slow kids in the back of the room…


  4. I’d really like to see the Iranian response to this if the Israelis offer the technology to them. Could be a laugh riot!

  5. Kind of like a drive through car wash for people! Except no cute girls to dry you off.

  6. As I’ve said probably 1000 times since the COVID terrorist attack started, that’s not how viruses work. That’s not how any of this works. People who have COVID have it inside their bodies so this tunnel will be about .000001% effective. Then again, that’s far more effective than lock downs, masks, or socialist distancing. Then again, all those things are placebos anyway so at least they cure the damage the terrorist media causes–a little.

  7. “…would reduce the danger of crowds at synagogues…”

    ….well, if you don’t believe the G_d that freed you from Pharaoh, parted the Red Sea before you, led you out of the wilderness across Jordan (which he also parted), held the sun still at Gideon, protected Hezekiah in Jerusalem, changed the hearts of the Ninevans, saw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego out of the firey furnace, shut the lion’s mouth for David, and visited the Philistines with boils when they laid the Ark before their false god, and filled books and books with miracles too numerous to mention, if you don’t believe HE, the G_d of Abraham and Isaac, can protect what HE made from a virus, then I’m not sure why you’re going to synagogue in the FIRST place…

  8. Where is this pandemic ‘raging”, most places are already on the downward side of the infection.

  9. large gatherings reported nightly in major cities across the US

    … where’s that freakin’ virus when you need it?!?!

  10. Ever been around stinky ass camel jockeys? We could have used this when I was going to school at the University of Houston,

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