Israel’s Prime Minister has Nothing but Praise for President Trump

The Lid:

President Trump’s recent speeches before the United Nations have divided the commentariat. The left sees his commentary as a sign of the apocalypse, the right sees it as an affirmation that we are returning to greatness. It’s hard to know which side is being the most dishonest with their responses, or which side will be proven correct.

One person who isn’t unsure of how we should react to the President’s U.N. speeches is Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu had a definitive gut reaction to Trump’s commentary before the U.N. and it was one of “shock and awe.”

This is some of what Netanyahu was shocked, and awed by…   more here

6 Comments on Israel’s Prime Minister has Nothing but Praise for President Trump

  1. You gotta be careful dealing with Israel. It’s all about what’s good for them. Not that I can blame them, mind you, but still…

  2. @VietVet – and that is different from China, Russia, Iran, France, Germany, Denmark – how? From my perch it seems the US is the only country that operates altruistically and look at the hate and attacks lobbed at us as a result. We expend blood and treasure for another country’s benefit, claim no resources or territory and are denounced as white supremacist war mongering imperialists (but if you give me a few billion I’ll stop saying it less often).

  3. @Page O Turner: I can go along with you on China, Russia, and Iran, but France, Germany, and Denmark?


    Turn on the evening news.

  4. The same people who detest Trump detest Netanyahu pretty much for the same reasons. If a western country’s leaders aren’t mealy mouthed and effete they see them as “fascists”.


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