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Issa: IRS Targeting ‘Still Happening’

WS– This morning on America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer on FOX News Channel, California Republican congressman Darrell Issa alleged that the IRS hasn’t changed its procedures and is still targeting conservative groups.

IRS agents

HEMMER:  “Can you say today whether or not the targeting is still happening?”

ISSA: “The targeting is still happening. It is clearly, still a procedure…”


7 Comments on Issa: IRS Targeting ‘Still Happening’

  1. Fascists don’t stop just because they have been caught. The media will as always supply the propaganda.

  2. If ” it is clearly, still a procedure”, why in the hell aren’t they being stopped!!! I thought I heard you were some sort of attack dog when it comes to shit like this. WTF?!!

  3. Issa: blah blah blah blah blah … Master of self promotion and still shady after all these years.

  4. The IRS, FBI, ATF, NHS, BLM, EPA, PP, DOE, DOT, AFL/CIO, SEIU, ICE, DWP, etc, all need to be nanocated (shut down by 9/10ths). That’s the opposite of decimated (shut down by 1/10th).

  5. Gosh. Didn’t this guy have two years to do something about it?

  6. Defund.

    If the Republicrats ever had ANY intention of helping America, instead of their own power, perks, and wallets …

  7. Mr. Issa: You were elected not to inform, but to do. Now get your and Gowdy’s butts up and doing. Defund, prosecute, imprison, like Tim said, and possibly a firing squad too.

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