It Ain’t Just Mondays, Though 😂 🎈 – IOTW Report

It Ain’t Just Mondays, Though 😂 🎈

h/t Doc.

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  1. I would have volunteered to reach in through the driver’s side door to hold them as he closed the hatch.
    Next time you are in a store that sells helium balloons look up at the ceiling.

  2. He should be glad they got away. If he had gotten them home he would have had a hard time opening the trunk and not losing them then. Maybe he has a garage, that would help.

  3. I used to do balloon bouquets, arches, sculpture etc.
    For bouquets, we would cover them with huge bags.
    Also, it was amazing how many people would want balloon bouquets in freezing cold weather,take them outside and then come back in and bitch to us that we didn’t seal the balloons properly.
    We had to provide the science lesson behind helium and that all will be well, when they take the bouquet into a warm room.

  4. Been there, done that. Wife has to have the balloons for the birthday party today – 35 mph winds be damned.

  5. It’s the effort that counts, eh?

    He should’ve brought them back in the store, turned his car around the other direction so wind blows into the trunk and try again. Or just tell the person whose party it is to go pick up their own damn balloons.

  6. LOL! Helium balloon pumps are cheap. With a little pre planning, dude could have inflated balloons somewhere nearest his destination or even in the car. Last minute ideas usually…deflate.

  7. Years ago, 20 or so, had a death in the family, my mother. The delivery guy pulled up with a flower basket IT HAD BALLOONS.

    Sent by a ditz from work – my boss. sigh.


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