It doesn’t take much to get arrested when you are pro-National Anthem

When you are protesting against the country, you have great latitude before you are arrested. You can trespass, you can curse at the police, you can act like a danger to civility… nothin.

Protest in favor of the country? Out come the cuffs.


A woman protesting kneeling during the national anthem was arrested for trespassing Friday night during the Midland High-Midland Dow football game.

Although the woman told police she had bought a ticket to the game, officers said she refused orders from the Midland High School principal and was therefore trespassing, as shown by a video from NBC25.

The woman, who carried a sign which read “This is why we stand, they stood and no longer can,” reportedly refused to move away from the American flag at Midland Community Stadium and was then asked to leave, according to WNEM-TV5.

“Nobody is in charge of me; this is a free country,” the woman told police in the video. “This is my flag right there.”

She was clad in a shirt which read “All Lives Matter,” had a poppy flower in her ear and an American flag bandanna over her head with matching underwear over her tights.

The woman was not part of the student protest, which saw around 100 people link arms near the scoreboard in a silent protest during Friday’s national anthem.

Nor was she reportedly part of the counter-protest, which saw members of several veterans groups handing out small flags for fans to wave during the anthem.

The game Friday was highly anticipated not only because of the rivalry between Midland High and Midland Dow, but because students initially planned to mirror the NFL protests by kneeling during the national anthem.

Video of the arrest

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  1. Maybe she was arrested for the flag underwear that she was wearing on the outside of her tights. Seems to me that could be viewed as a lack of respect for the flag.

  2. Progressive public schools, school boards, liberal administrators and teachers encourage anti-American sentiment. Free speech is not a right on public land bought by our taxes.

  3. I fail to understand this this iady comes under the jurisdiction of a school principal. She was not interfering with the game, or the students. She was well within her rights to just stand there. She would only need a ticket to sit in the bleechers.

  4. So I take it this is Texas? WTF is going on with Texas LEO? They stomped on her rights because they didn’t want to do their job. And freaken arrest her? Infuriating.

  5. Those “right-wing” police officers sure do enforce the law with a lot of zeal when it comes to patriots.

    This is why I don’t like the police. The left-wing spits on them all day, and they tolerate it. You rally more than 3 white people in front of a statue, and they call it a riot.

  6. It’s actions like that, that make me concerned about whose side the LEO’s will be on if the shit hits the fan here. I hope she uses her day in court to humiliate everyone involved.

  7. The police just did what the were told to do, and did it in such a delicate way as to help her make her comfortable while she made her statement. They knew they didn’t need handcuffs on her, that’s why she was cuffed with care. The cuffs underscored her statement. Bravo for her and the LEOs.

  8. Good for her. I hope she takes her day in court and she gets a pro bono gunslinger constitutional lawyer. It wouldn’t make a difference on a trespass charge but he’d make the cops, Principal, DA and likely the Judge regrest arresting her.

  9. My greatest fear. That eventually the left will rule the communities and hove control over police pensions and lives..

    I’ll say no more. Use your own imagination.

  10. @ joe6pack
    Their left bent superiors.

    At rescues I’ve seen the difference in LEO actions between pro abort police and pro life police in the cuffing and hauling away. These guys were gentle with her. They were on her side. The object in protest of serious people is to be arrested while being non violent.

  11. Who is guarding the guardians? Under a prick sheriff ,Chief of Police, under a commie mayor or supervisor. watch your ass!
    That’s where it all starts. “AGENDA, GRINDING AMERICA DOWN”
    Check it out on youtube.

  12. “The police did what they were told? Told by who? And with what authority?”


    You think police do stuff without orders? You think they’re not under any authority?

  13. Corona, it’s hard to say. With the background noise it’s hard to tell what was being said. But it sounded like the only reference I heard to an authority figure was the LEO saying something about the school principal. Since when does a school principal have the authority to direct a police officer to arrest someone? And other than wearing flag panties, on the outside of her tights, what was she doing wrong?

  14. “The police did what they were told? Told by who? And with what authority?”

    One of those clowns is the guy in charge. Designated THE GUY to make decisions out in the field. Everyone else follows his orders. He got the protocol from hours of training. I know a couple LEO that are retiring early from the Sacramento Sheriffs department because of shit like this.

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