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It is not possible to get leftists to feel embarrassment or shame


Various members of the White House staff, mostly fresh-faced twenty or thirty-something leftists, have been out there lately demonstrating that they have no capability to admit error or feel the slightest bit of shame in mistakes made by this administration.

They quite literally act as if they just don’t see the problem. “Dude, this was like two years ago.” Four people were killed, and around here, we all believed at the time that incompetence was covered up for political purposes. Every piece of information that comes out confirms it.

But leftists are now in permanent “deny, deny, deny” mode. Bill Clinton taught them well. If you never admit mistakes or problems, you effectively reduce your opponents to sputtering frustration. If you never show shame or embarrassment no matter how silly you look, it’s never necessary to admit that your opponents have any valid points whatsoever.

The only thing you need is the willing cooperation of the legacy media so that you get first shot at persuading the legions of rationally ignorant people who don’t much like politics. If the New York Times, the Washington Post, CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN all refuse to call you on it, or do so way after the fact so that editors can just say “old news, move on”, then you’ll get away with it.

I’ve long thought that people such as this ass Veitor literally don’t see the mistakes. Their post-modern training allows them to believe that whatever they convince the media and the people to believe is the truth. It doesn’t matter what facts contradict it. It doesn’t matter what the negative long-term effects are. It doesn’t even matter if it dissolves the bonds that hold civil society together. By post-modern axioms, the consensus narrative is the truth. It must be advanced.

Post-modernists don’t feel shame because they don’t think they’re lying. You could probably hook up Veitor to a lie detector and get no indication whatever that he thinks he’s lying. He believes it’s impossible to lie in support of leftist policies and practitioners. Leftism is right by axiomatic certainty, so anything that supports it must be true and right.

No doubt such people would, if pressed hard enough, admit that there are other viewpoints and details that support them. But they would simply say that the human mind can be irrational, blah, blah, blah, and none of it matters. The idea that they might be irrational in support of collectivism never, ever enters their mind.



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  1. “It is not possible to get leftists to feel embarrassment or shame.”

    Time to move onto “Fear”

  2. Ignorance is Bliss. “Dude this happened two years ago.”
    Just look at that scumbag. Do you think he ever studied American History? Joined the Army? Worked with his hands? Visited a Veterans cemetery?

  3. Tommy, “Worked with his hands? ” You might be on to something there my friend. Of course now days that sort of thing is frowned upon. I say fuck them.

  4. Brad. double fuck the bastards. I’d like to break that corksoakers nose and watch his big doll eyes turn black.

  5. You want some proof these assholes feel no shame? Look how proud they are that Condaleeza Rice bowed out from the Rutgers commencement – while ignoring how their dronemaster buttboy is every bit the war criminal as any Bushie. Look how they hide the whole Gosnell story, rather than besmirch abortion’s reputation. Look how Pelosi spent $$$ millions on jet travel when she was speaker. Look how the two Obamas feel no shame with their lavish vacations – even taking separate jets to Martha’s Vinyard hours apart.

  6. “It is not possible to get leftists to feel embarrassment or shame.”

    Simply because they have no conscience!

  7. Joe Great point. Support the Gosnell Movie. Send them a few bucks “Gosnell Movie via Indiegogo”
    Michell Malkin wrote a piece in today’s NY Post about it.

  8. The dumb ass has probably never suffered a loss of a loved one OR he’s like our beloved narcissistic president. Wonder if his parents are proud of the little dude.

  9. From PsychCentral-

    So who are psychopaths? Broadly speaking, they are people who use manipulation, violence and intimidation to control others and satisfy selfish needs. They can be intelligent and highly charismatic, but display a chronic inability to feel guilt, remorse or anxiety about any of their actions.

    Psychopath. Another word for liberal.

  10. @Bad Brad:

    Yes, liberals need to begin feeling fear. With that in mind, I have devised a motto for the conservative cause:


    (Latin: We eat thunder and shit lightning.)

    Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz do it when they call out libs on their bullshit. Jeanine Pirro does it when she gets in Obama’s face on prime-time TV. I do it when I refuse to vote for the sorry excuses for humanity that the Working Families Party endorses. And we all do it when we post here.

    We must keep it up. Over the weekend all the pieces fell together in my mind when I was contemplating how anyone could be as incompetent as Dear Leader. I realized that he could be DELIBERATELY manufacturing crises so that when a really big one occurs, it will be martial law and President-for-Life Oblowme.

    I agree with that guy who’s running for office in California. We shouldn’t fear the government, the government should fear US.

    Stay strong, my comrades.

  11. Bob Beckel threw a hissy fit on The Five about Benghazi, Pelosi stammers in a fog, “Why are we still talking about this?”. It’s a carefully set talking point to make Benghazi go away.
    It won’t work.
    The truth is emerging, as truth is wont to do after a period of time.
    This was a coverup in which people died.
    It was covered up so Obama and Clinton could continue their rape and pillage of America.

  12. How can people taught they’re the center of the universe have a conscience or feel shame.
    Leftists Helicopter parents applaud their kids every time they poop.
    The result is a generation of insecure, self gratifying, pampered, incompetent ingrates.

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