It just got interesting: Mexico sends police, riot gear to their southern border

Mexico sent federal police to its southern border Wednesday with a warning that they will detain and deport any members of a highly publicized migrant caravan who try to enter the country without a visa.

The police officers arrived in two planes in Tapachula, a border city that is a popular waypoint for migrants coming up through Central America to cross into Mexico. Local media reports showed hundreds of agents deplaning, some carrying riot gear.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, the Mexican foreign ministry said any of the caravan migrants entering the country “in an irregular manner” will be arrested and administratively deported if appropriate. Migrants who claim they are fleeing violence and want to petition for asylum must do so at the border, while remaining in a government-run camp for up to 45 days, the statement also said.

The caravan, dubbed “March of the Migrant,” formed in the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Friday, numbering about 150 migrants. It has since swelled to more than 2,000 people and has already crossed into neighboring Guatemala en route to the Mexican border.  MORE HERE


SNIP: But- are they serious? Or will a few hundred ‘slip through’?
Does JEB! have any problems with how Mexico plans to treat the ‘caravan of love’?

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  1. Since this is a SOROS funded political statement timed for the mid-terms, Trump should let them all into the country right before the election, put them all up in a Hilton with the families all together, then on the morning after the mid-terms, fly them all back to the shithole them came from.

  2. Hope the journos have a hard time getting down there to get the photo of the crying kid being menaced by the mean US soldier. Sure, it’ll actually be a Mexican soldier, but MSNBC just turned Bob Menendez into a Republican so don’t be surprised.

  3. re·cip·ro·cal
    given, felt, or done in return
    a pronoun or verb expressing mutual action or relationship
    a sum of money sent, especially by mail, in payment for goods or services or as a gift

  4. Daily Beast, today: “Don’t Panic About AFM, the Polio-Like Childhood Illness”

    Maybe AMLO is panicking a little bit about AFM. The Dems seem to be.

    I hate to mention the “Q” word, but quarantine.

  5. This time the Mexicans will defend their border and break some heads Mexico’s leaders just dodged a trade bullet with Trump and are in no mood to tweak him off.

  6. Because President Trump threatened to close the border.
    Otherwise it would be just another day sleeping under their sombreros.

  7. I didn’t see anything saying members of the migrant caravan would be detained & deported back south of the border. Leaving the option open they could be detained and deported north of the Mexico northern border, into the USA.

  8. Blink, all Mexico has to do is obstruct and delay the bum rushers until their political value here wears off. I know it’s an old meme, but I’d like to see Hitler finding out that Steiner will not be attacking with his Honduran, Guatemalan and El Salvadoran battalions.

  9. Pres. Trump is making deals that will be economically beneficial to Mexico. They don’t want to jeopardize further deals. Their lack of action on their issues is also hurting their tourism industry. We may just see Mexico actually get off their collective butts and do something.

  10. @SMUDGE:

    Why not go to Costa Rica? That’s a mellow, non violent country.

    You’ve been conned. Ticos are corrupt as hell and if you don’t play ball they get mighty violent. Deadly, even. Just ask Ann Bender.

  11. @SMUDGE

    Visiting acquaintances in Costa Rica, I noticed the Ticos were pissed at the gringos for employing a Nico who happened to be an illegal. The Ticos had no problem with the Nico being illegal, they just didn’t think the gringos should be employing him for eight dollars a day when he could be working for them for four dollars a day.

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