It looks like the DNC is prepared to turn the party into white-bashing central

This is the new winning strategy?


Candidates aspiring to take over as chairman of the Democratic National Committee met Monday night to discuss what went wrong in 2016 and how to get the party back on track.

Early into the event the candidates gravitated toward a particular scapegoat for the party’s poor showing in November: Political consultancies owned by white people.

“We have to stop, particularly with the consultants,” said the chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison. “You cannot come to the DNC and get a contract and the only minority face you have is the person answering the phone.”

Minority consultants “need to get the same resources that the white consultants have gotten,” said a Fox News analyst and candidate for the chairmanship, Jehmu Greene. “The DNC did a piss poor, pathetic job” attracting minorities, she said.

Democrats must provide “training” that focuses in part on teaching Americans “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,” urged the executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown, who is white.

The event’s moderator, MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid, asked the candidates how the party should handle the Black Lives Now movement.

The candidates uniformly emphasized that the party must embrace the activists unreservedly.

“It makes me sad that we’re even having that conversation and that tells me that white leaders in our party have failed,” Brown said. “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it. … My job is to listen and be a voice and shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”

“This is life and death” she emphasized. “I am a human being trying to do good work and I can’t do it without y’all. So please, please, please, get ahold of me. Sally at I need schooling so I can go school the other white people.”


No, you dumb cow. You are disqualified according to your own rhetoric. You’re white. You should have no position of authority, unless you, deep down, do not think there are black people qualified enough to “shut white people down when they interrupt.” Why do you, white lady, have to be the one to do that?

Let’s face it. The democrats should be nothing but, top to bottom, black. Anything less will just be whitey poking his pointy nose into the tent.

How anyone, including black people, can be part of this idiocy they’ve concocted, is beyond me.

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  1. I’m rooting for Ellison for DNC chair.

    He’ll ensure they continue to shrink into a purely municipal Party of blacks/Muslims/gays that controls only a handful of mostly-black cities.

    Obama all but destroyed the Dems and Ellison will finish the job.

  2. Is there seriously no one, the DNC is seriously, with a straight face, operating this bullshit with not a single soul to stand up and say, “WTF is this idiocy”?

    No, it’s all just the same cycle over and over again: force people to adopt the stupid scheme, it doesn’t work, try it again, it doesn’t work, try it again, and each time people are hurt, killed, lives destroyed, generations twisted and society subsequently screwed over, and they wonder why people hate them and the country is constantly on its way to hell in a breadbasket whenever they’re in charge.

  3. If I can hope. We are actually witnessing the death of the DNC as they will find themselves in 3rd party status. I can see the RNC split into a Trump Party and GOPe Party with a majority of independents and blue collar Dems going to Trump. Globalist CoC types from the Dems going to GOPe (Warren Buffett and Steve Gates types). This hogwash will only appeal to socialists, communists and Greens. They will be lucky if they can pull Ralph Nader polling numbers if this keeps up.


  4. It seems to me that the Democrat party has always been the party of true racism.
    Nothing new here, except the focus of their hatred.

  5. I think the word “racist” needs to come out of the vocabulary. .. it’s equal to being called a nigger to a black person.

  6. The democrat party created the black plague. They brought this upon themselves and are now being swarmed like a Zulu village by radical invaders like Jehmu Greene.

  7. Yes they need more Liz Warrens and Shawn Kings coming out of the woodwork proclaiming to be something they’re not to fit in. Just wait and see. minoritys rule! the DNC that is.

  8. Just the logic of the left…DWS was a flaky eyesore but we need to up our game. This time lets find a stark raving,incoherent, howling,spitting,self mutilating scat eating drooler. Yup, that’ll get us there.

  9. The democrats have been co-opted by the extreme left socialists/marxist, race baiters, academics, big government, open borders, one world advocates, glo-bull warming, atheists, perverts, BLM, green fanatics and anarchists.

    The dependent black voters are their base of strength and they’ll do anything to keep them on the plantation.
    Even place them in prominent, visual positions to be used as a puppet by the puppeteers.

    The intelligent democrats have broken the chains after realizing this is not the democrat party of Truman & Kennedy.

  10. Because of centuries of ubiquitous rape committed by American slavers, the vast majority of African Americans are, tragically, too white. The Democrats need to institute a “not more than one-sixteenth drop of poison” genetic testing rule, for actual party membership. Or, for those loathe to invade an applicant’s chosen race decision, an alternative, exclusively government generated, paper trail proving non-American birth to two verified non-American parents, could substitute.

  11. When Joy Ride is your moderator, you are already behind the eight ball. Seriously, this is great news; All of the affirmative action deadwood pruned out of DC by Trump, are now going to becone highly paid, incompetent campaign consultants for Dem candidates.

  12. Barky said he was going back to community organizing, but now that the Dems are doing minority set-asides for their campign consultants, he might want to get in on that action. I’m sure he thinks he was a better campaign consultant than his own consultants. And he lost his license to practice law, so he can’t sue anybody. The only hitch will be getting him to shut up and let his client talk.

  13. The Demo Party of ‘Hate Mongering’, ‘Race Baiting’, and ‘Terrorist Enabling’ have stirred the Africans into a primeval rage and who will soon respond by stuffing their own benefactors into the cook pots!

  14. It would appear that we are on course for a third party. The Republican Party, Minority Party (previously the Democrat Party) and the new Hapless White Marxist Party of Doofuses!

  15. Exactly what I was thinking, “Why don’t you eliminate yourself from the competition so that a racial minority has a better chance of winning, if diversity is so important?”

    “You can’t hate white people I AM going to hate white people!”

  16. “…My job is to…. shut other white people down when they want to interrupt.”

    I can see, at least, one job the world can do without.

  17. Have you ever worked for a genius? If you have, you might have marvelled at their insight, and forward thinking. You might have wondered where their foresight came from. The founders of this country were geniuses. They were men who studied History, Science, Philosophy, human nature. No one to this day has bested them, after 240 years. The secret is understanding Human Nature. It hasn’t evolved. You can read the Bhagavad-Gita, the Teachings of Buddha, and the Bible. In all of these works you will read about people JUST LIKE YOU. 6000 years and humans haven’t changed. Progressives don’t believe this, because Progressives are…how should I say this…’special’. We used to say retarded, but now we say ‘special’. Progressives are indeed ‘special’.

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