It Must Suck To Be A Cuomo

Howie Carr: It must suck to be a Cuomo these days.

Right now the hammer’s coming down bigtime on Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, the runt of the litter, abruptly fired Saturday night by CNN after more allegations of sexual harassment.

Left-wing anchors behaving badly? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before….

For many years, when his brother was governor of New York, Chris Cuomo was the classic “useful idiot.” Once Andrew got whacked, he was just an idiot, even by CNN’s dismal standards.

And, as Gore Vidal once pointed out, “No talent is not enough.”

It certainly wasn’t for Chris.

But there’s a bigger issue here, and that’s the fact that this guy had a big journalistic job in the first place to be fired from.

What exactly were his, you’ll pardon the expression, credentials? Other than his willingness to kiss the ass of the ruling class, that is. But hey, how much skill does it take to ask those probing CNN questions: “Just how wonderful are you, really, Dr. Fauci?”

Chris Cuomo went to Fordham Law (big embarrassment for them), and before that Yale (an even bigger black eye for the Elis). Soon thereafter it appears that he magically got a job at ABC “News.”

Another nationwide search!

It used to be, not so long ago, that you actually had to work your way up into the upper echelons of journalism. Whether it was newspapers or television, you started in, to use baseball terminology, the bush leagues… the tank towns. Mid-markets, as they said in the 70s. more

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  1. Howie Carr must have a different definition for the word “abruptly” than I do. When someone who was on suspension gets fired, “abruptly” is the last thing I would call it.

  2. Wonder if the libtards that run Fox News have made overtures for him
    to come onboard yet? Don’t act so surprised, look at their track record of past hires.

  3. “What exactly were his, you’ll pardon the expression, credentials?”

    Ooh ooh, this would make for some great glee.
    Start with Staphycocculus, next Jenna Boooosh, then Chelsea Horseface Clinton and KNOCK THEM ALL DOWN like corn in a tornado.


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