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It Never Ends 🙄

Trump Organization found guilty in Manhattan DA’s tax fraud case. Former CFO Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty in August to his involvement in the scheme and testified in the larger case.

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  1. We ALL KNOW the shit being pulled by the left, liberal, commie mother-fuckers.

    The ONLY way they will stop pushing is to annihilate them.

  2. So I guess all those tax returns they spent years getting that they finally got their hot little hands on were a bust.

  3. Trump needs to learn that the proper way to launder money is to be a democrat.

    The biden’s* & pelosi’s could teach him a million ways to make millions and never ONCE have a D.A. even sniff your tax returns.

  4. So how did the top secret files shit end?


    Nothing Burger, but Idiots believe the headlines. Just ask a university student.

  5. Those 87000 new IRS agents should go after the Clintons and the Obamas, and Bidens. That would keep them busy for a couple years.

  6. Betty

    In case you weren’t paying attention, he’s a real estate developer. What state of fed contracts would he be involved in moron?
    We need smarter trolls. This is insulting to the sight.

  7. Hey loser Brad, his bilking the Federal government out of millions for his Secret Service staying at Mar-a-lago is a Federal contract the Golf Course in New York is leased from the government & most likely other golf courses leased from the government. God Brad your stupid. Now he is nothing more than another lowlife tax cheat.

  8. Betty…so, you recognize that there are signed Contracts but consider that to be a crime…I could go on regarding ignorant people, vile and nasty sub humans but will limit my observations to noting that you are either a teen who trolls for sport along with various forays into animal cruelty or an adult With a special room you have built in your basement. Please note that my words are opinion only, are not to be considered accurate or reflective of your reality and may only be a form of sarcasm so please do not hunt me down and hurt me..


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