It Never Ends! Native American Rep. Blasts Liz Warren

Breitbart Politics: Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), one of two Native Americans serving in Congress, ripped Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in an interview with Fox & Friends Tuesday morning for grossly overstating her Native American heritage after a DNA test revealed the progressive lawmaker possesses, at most, 1/64 Mesoamerican linage.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

AINSLEY EARHARDT: Are you offended with [Warren] using her alleged Native American heritage to try to win elections?

MARKWAYNE MULLIN: I don’t know if I would say ‘offended,’ but it is extremely disappointing. She’s out there claiming that she’s Native American just because she’s from Oklahoma. There was a 2014 scientific study and they said that the average European American walking around is .18% Native American and she’s half of that. The idea that she continues to double-down on this lie is the most disgusting thing to me. It’s the fact that she’s in the public eye and she continues to use this. What she’s trying to do it is put this to bed so she can run against President Trump in 2020 and it is backfiring on her. I’m glad to see it. What she needs to do is come out and apologize to all of us.  WATCH

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  1. She’s no Ted Kennedy {and can drown a woman} but the voters in leftist Mass. won’t bat an eye.
    This is why Washington is filled to the gunnels with lowlife scum, people across the U.S. don’t seem to be bothered.

  2. The voters in Massachusetts have been dumbed down for so many years by voting for anyone named Kennedy, that it doesn’t seem to matter who they elect to represent them anymore. This latest ridiculous claim to DNA proof of Native American heritage by Senator Elizabeth Warren would be enough to destroy her political future in most states. In Massachusetts, it will help propel her to the front ranks of the Democrat Party’s 2020 nominees, because nothing succeeds like lying like a Kennedy in this deranged state.

  3. I’m “Native American!”
    Indians: Arapahoes, Apaches, Sioux, Aux Arcs, Navajos, Cheyenne, Crow, Cherokees, Seminoles, Mohicans, Iroquois, Blackfoot, Blackfeet, whatever – are no more “Native” Americans than I.
    I’m third or fourth generation American and can trace my lineage back 60 years, or more.

    Choose another moniker – something more appropriate – like “Indian.”

    At least Warren lies for personal gain (which makes sense).

    izlamo delenda est …


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