It seems all interactions with certain black people by non-black people are racist and/or profiling in bad faith

-NAACP head makes claims of racial profiling.
-Community activist reads and gets pissed off.
-Goes to police to get info.
-He sees body cam video.
-He gets pissed at NAACP head for lying.
-NAACP officers are asked about it and say…
“We don’t condone the wrong that a person has done, we just don’t believe he would have told a lie about something of that magnitude. We’re not saying a person is incapable of lying. Just from his character we don’t think he would have lied about something like that. In all fairness, to the NAACP and the community, we will watch the video and have a conversation with our NAACP President.”
Note that the police are not afforded any spirit of fairness.  -Wisco Dave

21 Comments on It seems all interactions with certain black people by non-black people are racist and/or profiling in bad faith

  1. The Race Card — “Never leave home without it.”

    So wrong. Black “community” leaders lying about racism is epidemic now. Shameless race hustler.

  2. A few years ago this would have been a “Police Acted Stupidly” Beer Summit. These black codgers must be forgiven for thinking it was still 2009.

  3. 0bama, prior to the ‘beer summit’: “I don’t know any details of the case but the officer clearly showed poor judgement and is racist. Even though I don’t have any details.”
    Turns out that particular officer was a paradigm of race relations, in fact instructed the department on such.

  4. If I had my registration and plates on the wrong car I’m not 100% I would get a warning. But I’m just an old white guy with no racial card to play.

  5. A black woman in VA did the same thing, recently. She was pulled over, then afterwards live-streamed for 11 minutes, while driving, lying about what happened and how racist it was. She even stated being scared because she was in a rural area and this were people were lynched. These are otherwise successful, educated people participating in American life. Why would they feel compelled to do this? Some people abide in an alternate reality. It’s both infuriating and fascinating.

    My “white privilege” has gotten me 6 speeding tickets. Each time I have been pulled over, I respond with; “Yes, sir, I was speeding.” I went to defensive driving school twice to keep points off my license. Likewise, I’ve been issued a warning on several occasions which I attribute to simple courtesy and respect shown to the officer.

  6. Yes, Ted, it is an “alternate reality”. I call it “Upside-Down World”. It’s where almost all Liberals live.

  7. Good thing the racist wind didn’t sail some coke into his car. I hear that happens to black people a lot.

  8. Are we seeing a pattern?

    All the guy needed to do was use his blinker at a turn and there would be no problem. But he didn’t. Instead of suffering the consequences, he tried to turn it into a big stink.

    All the guys at Starbucks needed to do was buy a coffee. But no, they didn’t. Then they tried to turn the repercussions into a big stink.

    I am tired of all these minor issues turning into nationwide unnecessary controversies.

  9. I was pulled over several years ago, just as I was leaving my apartment so I hadn’t gotten up to even 25 MPH. Turned out it was a registration issue, DMV never sent me the renewal. I immediately pulled over in a safe area, turned off the car, rolled down all 4 windows, got my license and registration out and waited for the officer. While he ran it through the computer his partner stood at the ready in the parkway, hands on hips and ready to react if necessary. Just SOP – I was as compliant as one could be, but they treat everyone as a potential threat.

  10. If the NAACP does not demand the resignation of their president after reviewing the data then they have lost what ever credibility they have left.
    There’s simply been too many falsehoods and unfounded accusations that have ben supported by the NAACP. The organization has created this atmosphere by continually refusing to admit when claims of racism are debunked. There was a time when this was an admirable organization but recently it has become just another money grubbing scam.
    Your race card’s credit limit has been exceeded and is hereby cancelled.

  11. where do these guys earn their “reverend” card? And does it give them carte blanche to lie cuz brothers and sisters, i could use one of them. And some white out for those scriptures in the Bible that warn of lying.

  12. So why do all the officers have to go through racial sensitivity training now even though they did nothing wrong and the driver lied?

  13. If you are black, over 25 and never been to prison you are automatically given the title of Reverend.

  14. @LCD
    It must have been the war paint on your face that caused them to act that way (see your avatar).
    See – they’re still racist!


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