” It started at a simple dinner… “

NOQ: In March, I wrote an article called, “The Pences are Doing Something Right” for another publication. I went back and re-read it today in light of the whole Weinstein scandal. Weinstein made a practice of wining and dining actresses with the intent of getting them alone for sex. Sometimes, this started with a simple dinner. Alone. Exactly what VP Pence has said he never does. Pence was widely mocked and ridiculed and his marriage to second lady Pence portrayed as some sort of matrimonial prison…or worse. I am re-publishing the article in full here because what I wrote in March is still true. It will always be true. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who has ever been betrayed by a partner, harassed by someone, abused, objectified or intimidated. Many will say it started at a simple dinner…

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  1. When I was younger I had many opportunity to stray. But the thing is I took an oath and if nothing else I’m a man of my word. Or at least I try and be. That particular word is paramount.

  2. Good thing I’m not an aspiring whore/actress from Hollywood.
    I’d would have thrown my drink in his face and kicked him square in the balls.

  3. I was overseas on an escort trip for a buddy meeting his fiance. His fiance ended up getting pregnant and he kicked her to the curb.

    I married his fiance’s cousin 11 years ago and never looked back. We met at a family dinner there. The lost out cousin’s family hates me, bwhahahahaha!!!

  4. Christian men like Veep Pence realize — perhaps more honestly than their non-Christian brothers — the devil is waiting for that nano second of bad judgement that can occur at any moment. Whether it’s a hug that is prolonged for a moment too long or something as innocent as a friendly lunch…or dinner with a friend of the opposite sex. The devil never stops looking for ways to start our downhill slide.

  5. we swore an oath too. And I agree with PHenry, its much easier to stay faithful then to wander. We also swore No Divorce Ever.

    So far, so good.

  6. 25 yrs for mrs frank and me this Tuesday.
    Words mean something and never give up!
    I travel for work and there are innumerable male and female whores out there. Always eat with a group, NEVER have a drink alone with another woman.
    AA has it right. We should not put ourselves in the near occasion of sin.

  7. When I was a teacher, it was not a school rule, but I had a personal rule as not to ever be alone with a student. When approached, I would go to the hall in-line with a security camera to engage a single student. These were both middle school and high school students. I WAS stupid enough to return an email from a student who was going through their parent’s divorce. Having some experience in that experience, I encouraged her to be strong and try to understand what both her father and mother was going through. That was a wrong move. The backlash from the mom was disgusting.

  8. I doubt acknowledging the love and respect between the Pences will have any influence on the mores of current popular culture.

    I expect someone is working on a porno video right this minute, using a Pence look alike body-double.

  9. Yep. Made a pledge, a solemn vow to my bride. I will never forsake her. We both agreed that God is bigger than any issue or problem that could ever come up, as long as He’s the center of our marriage.

    I also learned never to have a conversation with any other woman (other than relatives) about marital problems or any other emotional issue. That makes a connection and women cling to that.

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