It Takes Democratic Socialism To Destroy A Nation

The decline and collapse of one of South America’s most prosperous nations didn’t happen over a few years. It started decades ago as the citizens of Venezuela first fell for the lies and empty promises of democratic socialist in the 70s.

Now with 20,000 Cuban military and intelligence officers enforcing Maduro’s socialist regime, it will be a long time before this failed state can be fixed. More

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  1. Socialism is in high demand, other people’s money, not so much.

    That’s the only reason socialism survives.


  2. It takes the USA to destroy a nation that is not submitting to USA corporate greed and political policy. AND a nation that has NOT put itself in debt to world bankers demanding control over the country economically. Chavez saved Venezuela from them all and strove to benefit and improve the quality of life for the people of Venezuela by keeping oil profits within the country. Revenge, retribution, and regaining control has driven the USA powers that be to force Venezuela into submission again. As for a country being destroyed, look homeward at the USA, going down fast!
    Hey, joe6pak, Your own words!
    “Nothing short of a revolution will bring them back to the prosperity they should be enjoying.”

  3. tRuth, that’s certainly a strong argument you put forth there. Sounds like you are firmly on board with penn, glover, stone, reiner and the other well to do socialists that have armed security and live behind walls. How come you don’t see those guys walking through the streets of Caracas talking about their glorious leader? It also sounds like you are looking forward to a decline in the well being of those of us freedom loving Americans. The bitterness you carry must really be a burden, not only for you but for the people you no doubt attempt to influence. Life is way better when you embrace freedom and encourage individuals to be the best they can be. You should try it, there is a great deal of satisfaction in trying and succeeding.

  4. tRuth,

    You never did answer my questions earlier.

    1) what brand of tin foil?
    2) Regular or heavy-duty?
    3) Shiny side or dull side out?


  5. TRuth
    You do remember Michael Moore praising the South American dictator for nationalizing the oil industry and using the profits for free healthcare. Did the evil USA make him do that? They needed No US help to take them apart, just socialism. It never works.
    Not that I don’t believe there are gov people here that screw with other nations. The fbi, cia, atf and doj (to many to name) have lost the trust of the American people.

  6. The problem universally is that the left has a basic misunderstanding of human nature. They’re policies always erode character and self respect and promote greed and envy toward others. The examples are endless.

  7. WeaponsGradeStupidRuth – If, in your own word the “USA is going down fast”, it’s due to radical, Leftist, Socialist-Communist rabble-rousers, not Capitalism. duh! Socialist-Communists didn’t make this country great in the 20th century. Capitalism did. Socialist-Communists only know how to ruin things like they do everywhere they gain a foothold. They only look good because they drag everything else down to the lowest level of Suck!
    And THAT’S yer undeniable Hump Day Truth!

  8. 20 years ago I had 2 friends who were refugees from Hugo’s violent, bloody take over. they had hair raising tales of Hugo’s Bolshevik “election:”. Of course the America hating Press called this bloody revolution “an election”! the folk who were there 30 years ago tell a very different story. And I always believe America’s press!

  9. “Now with 20,000 Cuban military and intelligence officers enforcing Maduro’s socialist regime, it will be a long time before this failed state can be fixed.”

    …I don’t remember the Cubans being all that great of soldiers when we faced them in Grenada…thugs, yes, effective against unarmed college students, but no sack to fight against actual warriors…

  10. In truth (ruth), if we ever went down there, after the hare core got mowed down the Cuban military would line up to be captured cuz they know they’d be better off as American POWs than commie soldiers… only without a wall to climb!


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