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It turns out that, if you doubted COVID’s deadliness, you were correct

American Thinker:

By Andrea Widburg

Something peculiar has become clear over the last two years: leftists seem to enjoy the COVID panic.  For them, it started with the camaraderie of lockdowns and morphed in the smug self-righteousness of the masks and vaccinations, all made shiveringly delicious with that soupçon of fear that pairs well with totalitarian mandates.  CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s appearance on Monday’s Good Morning America, however, may destroy that delightful emotional castle in which leftists have immured themselves.  It turns out that most vaccinated people no longer need fear imminent death.

It’s been very weird for those of us who have maintained some degree of objectivity about the whole COVID uproar to see leftists maintain their high degree of terror about COVID despite their being vaccinated and boosted.  JP Sears perfectly captures the illogical combination of fear and the lust for power that has seen the leftists ramp up their paranoia even as omicron proves to be innocuous and they’re madly injecting mRNA treatments into their bodies: more

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  1. I wonder if this guy had an understanding about the jab? Doesn’t say how he died, but, he fits the pattern of athletes dropping dead. Too many cases for it to be a coincidence. These athletes weren’t really given a choice. They probably grew 7up in poverty, they have some change in their pocket and they aren’t giving it up, so the jab it is.

    Tampa Bay Rays catcher dies suddenly at 28…

    Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine

    If you all listen to anything, listen to the above with Dr. Malone and Dr. Bhakdi. It’s a great listen – and sad.

  2. Deadliness doubters were correct, but it doesn’t matter because doubters are now labeled as domestic terrorists.

  3. Pfizer CEO now says that 2 shots provide little to no protection, booster provides reasonable protection from hospitalization and death. What is reasonable to him?
    They did say 2 shots would offer over 90% protection from catching the virus, to now little to no protection at all, so I assume he means death and hospitalization as well, since he says the booster will offer (reasonable) protection from death and hospitalization. It’s alright though he has a new one out in March, this time it will work.

    It’s already starting to leak out, most who died were on their way to death anyway, they didn’t die from covid. If you start narrowing that down then you have about the same amount of deaths or a little less than usually die from the flu when suddenly nobody died from the flu.

    Republicans best start distancing themselves from these death jabs in a hurry, because knowing demoncrats the way I know them, they aren’t starting to change the discussion because they want to tell the truth. They see it all blowing up, the vaccine deaths, the virus scam and it will all be blamed on Trump and his political supporters. Inflation, no food, lost jobs, kids poor education, ruined lives, deaths, because under a Trump administration they lied about the number of deaths, they lied about the seriousness of the virus, they shut down the country, they allowed deadly vaccines.

  4. Narrative falling apart.
    JP’s video was another great one.
    My cat sat and watched. She likes JP too.

  5. A wise man once said: “Let’s not make the cure worse than the disease”

  6. “Their little totalitarian fantasy of a “great reset” that leaves them controlling the once-free world is over.”
    Hardly. This is written by someone who’s really not paying attention.
    The damage has been done. They’ve mostly succeeded, in so far as getting so many millions to poison themselves. What does she think will happen when they all die? And teh illegals and refugees who weren’t even tested, much less “vaxxed”? Where will they end up?

  7. From day one. Same with the “vaccines”. I am not psychic, I just no better than to trust a bureaucrat.

  8. Now WHO along with EU says to stop boosters.

    Bernie Sanders is wanting to send N95 masks to every household, so probably for up until summer they’ll continue with their bullshit, but it will be you must wear a N95 mask, I don’t think hospitals and clinics will go along unless the government pays for them.
    Their next move on New World Order will put a huge target on those of who never complied. This time around they have killed off a bunch, and learned in the beginning how many they can get to bow down to them.
    They’re not about to ditch those plans.

  9. You pull your head out of the sand to cry about this or that, oh woe is me. Think’n the world revolves around a bunch of sorry sad sacks. Most live in their own dreamland of lies & expect everyone else to accept it, they do not.

  10. Leftists are either in for the scam money or lazy losers who want a free ride.

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