It was a busy night in Wiltshire, England

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  1. No, no dears! It’s spring forward, fall back! Move the stones two hours in the other direction. …..Lady in Red

  2. According to the International Daylight Savings Commission (“IDSC” located in Python, England), in order to “fall back” one hour, they are required to drive in reverse.

  3. @grayjohn: They said it was Stone Henge, not Stonehenge. Totally different place. Please pay attention to details.


  4. I had to quit carrying a watch because it became to heavy….Hell, it was just a piece of schist anyways….

  5. I guess the aliens who built it didn’t sign up to do the heavy lifting twice a year for perpetuity. Crummy of them.

  6. Everyone knows that Stonehenge is always on GMT. They’ve got to move the stones back..

    When I was stationed in Homestead Fla., we had a station clock. It was state of the art and by that I mean heated crystal controlled. All crypto messages were timed stamped by that clock that were sent to the NSA. It was always set to GMT (Zulu) time. One of our younger and over-eager guys re-set the station clock back 1 hour when he was on watch on that day in Oct ’78. The NSA was very concerned and sent very strongly worded messages to us. They were not amused. Said sailor was read a portion of the “Act of Riot” from the shop CPO.

  7. If you really want to screw up your sense of time go across the Pacific Ocean from San Diego to the Philippines on a Navy ship where the clocks have to be adjusted every time that we passed into another time zone. And the International Date Line is even trickier, a friend of mines birthday was the same day when we passed over the dateline but it was a day ahead so he effectively lost his birthday, funny how that works. When I flew home from the Philippines it was about 1 PM local time in the PI and when I got to Travis AFB outside of San Francisco it was 5 PM PDT the same day after a flight of 18+ hrs., boy does that ever mess up your body clock.


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