“It was traumatizing.”

Vice describes the trauma, confusion and anger the uni-media weenie reporters suffered through during and since the 1/6 “Insurrection”. Bring tissue for your tears (of laughter).
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  1. They’re gonna make a major motion picture of this, aren’t they? All the beautiful actors will play Democrats.

  2. Time to just use their Alinsky tactics and mock them. Of course it is totally possible a person that spent time coloring in a safe room in college because they saw an American flag could be traumatized over just about anything. After all they do see a stray shoe lace in a tree and immediate cry racism since they see a noose. These are not serious people and need to be mocked endlessly. Or bit**n slapped if they dare compare this event to anything like 9/11.

  3. Some delicate flowers cover the goings on at Congress. I refuse to compare them to little girls as that would besmirch little girls. WTF!

  4. Kind of makes Hillary’s landing under sniper fire in Bosnia seem rather anticlimactic.

    The first liar doesn’t stand a chance when alongside this herd of dedicated and practiced lying sack of shit drama queens.

  5. @ Crazy Hootowl JULY 15, 2021 AT 3:35 PM

    Actually it is telling there is no place for comments on this fiction site.

  6. I was there, and can add to a little of what these reporters claimed to have witnessed. Initially, AOC stood in front of the doors and was shot repeatedly by some sort of machine gun and killed. Then several hundred rioters – many carrying selfie sticks – strolled through the rotunda between the velvet ropes. AOC tried to stop them from going further, but stepped on a land mine and was blown to bits. The insurrectionists walked on further, and when they got closer to the Senate chambers, they came across AOC, tied her to a rocket, and shot her through the Capitol ceiling.

    The whole thing was horrible, and while I feel bad that Ms. Babbitt was shot by a semi-trained yet careless Capitol police officer, I then remember that AOC was killed seven or eight times trying to restore order. I think we still need those 25,000 National Guardsmen and heavy duty fencing to keep the riff-raff out of our Capitol building.

  7. If that was too much of an overwhelmingly traumatizing event for these self-anointed people-of-superior-high-importance and power, I wonder what a REAL insurrection would affect them while witnessing the hauling in of rope, lumber, hammers and nails, and actual firearms by serious-looking and enraged citizens.

  8. The basement dwellers venture out and find that the world is full of scary stuff. All made up in their demented imagination. Hey here is some helpful advise. Go jump off of a tall building.

  9. “But few have publicly talked about the lasting effects in the months since—the toll that day took on them, the difficulty some have faced in returning to a site where they experienced trauma, and what it’s been like covering a Congress still deeply divided on the events of that day.”

    ….remember when they were told to REPORT the story, not BE the story?

    …guess they let THAT one go with both hands…

    …and you’d think that “the difficulty some have faced in returning to a site where they experienced trauma” would give them SOME empathy for the cops and citizens who are subject for YEARS to go to work as living punching bags for Democrat brown shirt Antifas and BLMs, but you’d be wrong…

  10. “…the House reconvened to certify President Biden’s Electoral College victory—and a majority of House Republicans voted against confirming his wins in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

    “That was the thing that surprised me most of the entire day: They’d just gone through this, and they were still fucking objecting,” Bresnahan told VICE News. “I was shocked at that vote. I was shocked that they did that. I was shocked, after everything that just happened.””

    …because we should instantly just accept a fraudulent election because some stage-managed selfie takers came in at the invitation of the Democrat police force….

  11. They just don’t make reporters like they used to!

    They whine, and cry, and have PTSD from PEACEFUL PROTESTORS!

    Are we supposed to take them seriously? We have lived through reporters on the front lines of WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, the drug wars, the Gulf War, and the demoncrat’s Afghanistan grifting war.

    What a bunch of clowns. No one likes clowns, especially crybaby clowns posing as reporters. They wouldn’t know how to report anything, if talking points weren’t provided.

  12. “I’m still not sleeping like I used to, even to this day.”

    …funnily enough, neither am I. I have this recurring nightmare that my Country was stolen by Communists using election fraud and a sycophantic media, who have since subverted the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines as well as every Federal agency along with turning local law enforcement into a sick joke as they encourage the burning of cities and the division and even murders of American citizens in the service of consolidating their power as they continue to steal my money, take my rights, threaten me with F-15s and nuclear weapons, and pervert all of society with their foul sickness, then I wake up and realize that, unlike these reportirial fantasies, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND STILL IS TODAY…

  13. They grabbed me and hung me from a lamp post until I was dead!

    So how am I writing this?

    Uh, I got better…

  14. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The poor, poor media gots Teh PTSD

  15. Insurrection my ass! There’s more violence at a Sunday School picnic.

    The “violence” that did occur was perpetuated by Antifa hoodlums.


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