It would be hard to find a more libelous political ad

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  1. First of all, American truck owners do not hunt down muslim children. It is savage muslims who have killed thousands of innocent non-muslim children.
    Secondly, this tranference of the confederates from the democrats to the republicans is insane and cannot stand.
    The democrat party owns the confederate flag, Jim Crow, and the KKK. Period.

  2. They didn’t even have the decency to put in a trans white kid for the Gillespie supporter to run over.
    I guess a trans white kid would ruin their narrative – “it’s minorities versus white people!” .
    Meanwhile, Ralph Northam is white. Most of the voters in Virginia are white.

    Nothing says “I am stupid” more than a white person voting for the candidate whose message is “white people suck.”

  3. How about the little muzzle wakes up and her mom and dad are standing over her with a rusty razor blade.

    Or since she was walking any talking with a man that wasn’t her husband she can wake up to a knife being plunged into her by her father.

    Two far more likely scenarios.

  4. Just heard an ad for the other clown claiming that Gillespie’s attack ads are over the top! WT_

    My brother who works for Virginia and lives in Richmond is very worried.

  5. So, it turns out to be a nightmare.

    I wonder who inspired that nightmare: the politician whom these children most likely have never seen or heard of, or the harpy parents who filled the kids’ heads with lies about him?

  6. Two things:

    Am I the only the only one getting sick of the Black Supremacists and Latin Supemacists?
    I don’t know any White Supremacists.

    If America is such a scary place for minorities, so racist and dangerous, why do millions voluntarily pour over our borders? If the liberal vision of America was true they’d be running back to their real homelands.

  7. islam doesn’t condone sports
    the town would be full of litter and graffiti if not for civic-minded white citizens
    brown-skinned drug dealers would make park a no-go zone
    trucker wouldn’t waste his gas chasing down kids

  8. The solution for these people who came here illegaly


    It isn’t about ‘race’, it’s about Rule Of Law.

  9. Yes, this is backfiring.

    It’s a clear window into the hive brain of the Left, and what they plan to transform America into.

    It’s a great get out the vote ad for Gillespie.

  10. I remember the LBJ ad V Goldwater. A little girl plucking flowers and an atomic bomb exploding behind her. The lefties have no sense od decency and the MSM are with them.

  11. Hell, why not put one together that show what the illegals have brought to America:

    High Unemployment within unskilled communities of all colors;
    Lower average pay because they massively undercut the marker;
    MS 13 (but could be any Hispanic Gang such as El Norte) and drug murders, lots and lots of drug murders including innocent victims;
    Gang banging where teenagers are expected to kill others to be accepted;
    Drug, drugs and more drugs leading to lifelong soul destroying addictions as well as spikes in drug overdose death and the huge amount of money spent on rehab both privetely and by government;
    Huge increase in jail population;
    massive increase in welfare payments for these illegals (including the gang members);
    Voter intimidation;
    Increase in Police deaths from confrontations with hispanic gangs;
    Calls for a separate Hispanic country.
    Rocketing up of out of wedlock births as well as abortions, apparently hispanics can’t read a condom wrapper.

    Just some of the benefits to America of an insane border policy.

    The list goes on and on. I’ll bet the Madison Ave guys can spin it not so much as an attack ad as an infomercial.

  12. Americans are getting sick of this crap and I believe ads like this will backfire.

    It’s a stupid ad. Drunk illegals are more likely to run down someone’s children. Maybe Gillespie should show some very real footage of the aftermath of one of those accidents.

    From everything I’ve read this Northam guy is a far Left, statue fearing, nutjob.

  13. I drive a Fiat 500 with a “Don’t tread on me” sticker on the back glass. The little brown people won’t fit underneath the car when I attempt to run them down, though, so I am thoroughly thwarted.

  14. Some Gillespie-supporting PAC could do an ad like this in response:

    SCENE: a generic public school
    PROPS: kids of “diverse” and white type
    ACTION: kids happily and peacefully playing outside. Bomb goes off. SWITCH SCENE to AntiFa bombers with “Northam (D) for Governor” stickers and flags HIGH FIVING each other

    VOICE OVER: “Is this the future Virginians want to force on our children?”

  15. My big black scary 4wd pickup truck has killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy’s car.

    It also has a Coexist sticker on the back.
    The “C” is from Colt
    The “O” is Glock in a circle.

    You get the idea.

  16. November 07. Tuesday. Don’t forget your photo ID.

    Update: Due to high expected turnout, voting for all registered Democrats will be held on Thursday the 09. A special day set aside for Democrats only. Don’t forget to remind all your Democrat friends and Prog websites.

  17. Thirdtwin October 31, 2017 at 9:06 am
    Kid is more likely to be run down by a drunken Mexican in a pickup truck or a devout Muslim in a semi truck.

    You can predict the future!

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