Italian Mayors Lose it With People Not Respecting Lockdown

12 Comments on Italian Mayors Lose it With People Not Respecting Lockdown

  1. That mayor doesn’t seem to be concerned about catching it as he walks around outdoors telling others not to be outdoors.

  2. Uh, huh, and “hug a Chinese today” respected who? You pathetic, woke sons of bitches!!

    And you imported cheap Chinese slave labor so you could keep the “made in Italy” label on your garment industry, you greedy self-serving businessmen.

    Your elderly population are suffering at the hands of your selfish decisions.

  3. The translation on the first guy was not entirely correct but

    He was swearing up a storm!

  4. HEY!….I like Italians, They were the first to install back up lights on French tanks…..boom boom and out go the lights….
    …And Marco polo brought us back some pasta from china and a festive swimming pool game….boom boom and out go the lights….
    ….and Chistopher Columbus grabbed Queen Isabella’s pussy hard enough to free up some Spanish money and discover America about 2000 miles south where they discovered that curry and goat made goat edible….boom boom and out go the lights….
    …Then there’s the invention of the GPS. Which means “Guido’s Probably Lost”, but misspelled it….

  5. I don’t want to disrespect the writer of the article, but when tossing around the blame, let’s not for get the Bush family. First time I heard the phrases Service economy and Global economy, they came from the mouths of Presidents Bush.


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