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Italians aren’t fascists. They’re angry about immigration


Blazing Cat Fur: The right-wing coalition might win the election but it’s a far cry from Nazi salutes and Mussolini

Amid relentless propaganda about Italy being in the grip of fascism, Italians go to the polls on Sunday. It will be an attempt to produce their first elected prime minister since 2008, when Silvio Berlusconi won. Since his resignation in 2011, Italy has had four unelected leaders.

Italy’s migrant crisis has dominated these elections, especially after the discovery of the chopped-up remains of an 18-year-old Italian girl in two suitcases by the side of a road in the picturesque hilltop city of Macerata in Le Marche.  MORE

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  1. This won’t produce Mussolini 2.0.
    But he’s coming.

    He’ll have a great haircut, and youthful charisma, and he’ll run on “Italy for Italians” and “Italy First”.
    He’ll be wildly popular.

    And he won’t have to worry about lamp posts.

  2. since the days of the Etruscans, who got their asses kicked by the illegals from Troy, the Italians have been a bit bunged about ‘immigration’ 😉

    … & the illegals that took over were the ones that invented the fasces … just sayin’

  3. The EU will not allow the citizens of Member States to reclaim their sovereignty, customs or traditions. It’s all about diversity, equality, islam and the future eradication of representative “national” government.

    You know, “we are the world” being dictated to by the socialist elite who know what’s best for Europe and all who live there.

    One giant step for One World Government.

  4. It is well past time that Italy, and actually all of Europe, address this festering sore. And please don’t call it “immigration”. It’s an invasion. It’s muzzie territorial seizure. Don’t use the government to address this. Unleash the mafia and let them rip these assholes to shreds. Put the fear of God into these pieces of debris.

  5. This land was your land, this land is now my land
    Your government hosed you, no sense in crying.
    Your culture is dying, no sense in trying
    To outbreed us, ’cause we’re multiplyin’
    Your politicians love us, ’cause we grab benefits
    and guarantee votes to keep the gravy flowin’
    your ‘representatives’ sold you
    on a promise to support you
    now they enslave you
    just like all tyranny thruout all of history

    … no apologies to Woodie Guthrie

  6. I’m feeling it for the Italian guy’s, when Swarthy young Middle Eastern guy’s open restraunts in So Cal they open Italian places, and they for real pretend they are Italian themselves… Hitting on every girl until they get the eye contact of whose boss. ( The American guy’s of coarse )

  7. Socialist policies have crippled Italy’s economy, children live with their parents until they are in their 30’s or 40’s because they cannot afford to support themselves. The last thing they need are millions more in the job market and soaking up the dole.

  8. Standard leftist tactic the world over: Accuse your opponent of being a fascist/nazi rather than engage in a real debate of, you know, issues and stuff.

  9. @Zhytamyr March 5, 2018 at 7:39 am

    > The last thing they need are millions more in the job market and soaking up the dole.

    That depends on your definition of “they”
    (Thanks! Bill Clinton)

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