Italy Considers ‘Nuclear Option’ To Ease Growing Migrant Crisis

DC: The Italian government is considering a “nuclear option” to clear out thousands of migrants, which involves issuing temporary visas that would allow them to leave the country and move to other European Union countries.  MORE


13 Comments on Italy Considers ‘Nuclear Option’ To Ease Growing Migrant Crisis

  1. I read a great article the other day focusing on who or what organization is helping these “Emigrants” leave their shit holes. For example, who’s buying those 50 foot plastic boats they’re all floating around in? 10K a copy.

  2. Kick them the hell out. Every damn one of them. They are out to either destroy Europe, take over Europe, or make their native countries safe. Cut off all welfare immediately. Ban all aspects of Sharia law. Tear down every mosque. Let those low life inbred worthless pieces of shit know they’re not welcome, not needed.

  3. Let’s hope they all get to stay over in George Clooney’s lakefront mansion on Lake Como on their way to Austria. Italy is getting close to the breaking point on this problem. It’s become the biggest social and political issue in Italy. I predict that it will end very badly for the illegal immigrants. George and his Muslima won’t be very welcome when they finally decide it’s safe to live in their mansion.

  4. @judgeroybean July 16, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Until you ran it right off the tracks with that “Vote for us, because our jerseys are a different color than their jerseys.” “Ban all aspects of Sharia law.” The caliphates (they insist “There can be only one.” but can’t agree on whose) are the only, absolutely the ONLY, people willing to roll back any, ANY, of the Progressive gains of The Communist Century. When what the communists gleefully call “liberal democracies” are as well represented on the international stage as heritable absolute monarchies are now, I’ll be happy to join you in revisiting the sharia issue. If the “fascists” decide to show the Muslims how it was already being done way back in the 18th century (by using guillotines in the square, instead of 7th century knives) to fix communist Progress, I’ll be happy to join you in revisiting the sharia issue. Of course, that actually means waiting until Muslim immigrants do the work that locals won’t. But, hey, “Not my circus. Not my monkeys.”

  5. Brad, glad you posted, saved me looking for it. As is often the case, the comments are interesting.

  6. Buy ’em a ticket to ride… a rail outta there!
    Trust me, that’s as kind as it should be!
    It’s not immigration. It’s an invasion.
    They should be treated like the spies that they are… as in waging war without a uniform!
    You want to fight a war? That’s how you do it with these animals!

  7. Two ideas: keep the ones in the water in the water until…. Whoops! Too late!


    Open the barn door and send the rest of the to Ms. Merkel.

    ….Lady in Red

  8. Everyone knows this has to lead to bloodshed in order for it to be resolved.

    No one is ready for that yet, but having 100s of jobless blacks harassing people off the street will eventually inflame the native population to strike back.

  9. Legendary Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci covered it all way back in 2001 with her book, “The Rage andthe Pride”, which I read, which recounted the disaster of un-acculturated Muslim immigration. Sixteen years later, its clear she was a prophet, not just a journalist. She was castigated in 2001. They should have listened to her.

  10. @Super Patriot July 16, 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Hundreds of foreigners, on the public dole, arming up, to force the local population to obey the foreign ways on the local streets? I can see that, eventually, leading to local backlash. How long has the European Union been shaking the europeon citizens down, now?


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