Italy: Illegal muslim immigrants protest pasta and overcooked rice

Ungrateful illegal alien Muslim freeloaders squatting in Italy have taken to the streets to block traffic because they think that the rice they are being fed is “overcooked.”

BNI: The group of inhabitants brought containers, metal netting, sticks and tyres onto the highway slightly before the bridge over the Sangro river and improvised a sit-in protest against the “overcooked rice” blocking traffic on the road around 12 and for three quarters of an hour.

The incident provoked disputes and protests from the residents. Also because it is not the first time the immigrants have occupied the road. They already did it a year ago a short distance from the Hotel Lecceta. “An annoyance that unfortunately we have to put up with otherwise we are accused of racism,” some citizens protested.  MORE

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  1. “We are dying here!”, the ungrateful, well-fed, well-dressed, illegal invader shrieks with his expensive iphone/ipod earbuds hanging out of his filthy ears.

    Go back to the craphole from whence you came and cook rice instead of pasta, you piece of filth.

  2. “Ungrateful illegal alien Muslim freeloaders…”

    Whoa, talk about repeating yourself.

    BTW when you spell it moslim don’t capitalize it, it pisses them off.

  3. You’re probably young, Ann, but remember Quaker Puffed Rice was “shot from guns”… aim them at the disgruntled Moslems. Substitute the rice with Pb.

  4. Stop persecuting these poor people and give them whatever they need! in your neighborhoods

  5. Uhm, if you overcook rice it turns back into uncooked rice. Water in, water out. It’s like a sponge.

  6. Take all those worthless and ungrateful inbred devil worshiping illiterate goat humping pieces of shit to the southern border and tell them to sink or swim. Get rid of them. They add nothing to the betterment of the country. Leeching worthless maggots need to go home where no one offends them.

  7. You can only push the Italians so far … unless they’ve become a nation of weenies, too – like Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, &c.

    Feed the filthy fuggin feral ragheaded savages NOTHING for a couple of months and see how they like it. And cut their water supply. Fuck em.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. There’s no place like home.

    There’s no place like home.

    Why doncha go back there, snowflakes?

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