Italy rocked by two earthquakes leaving town of Ussita ‘finished’


TelegraphUK: Italy was hit by two earthquakes in quick succession on Wednesday night, with mountain villages suffering extensive damage and the town of Ussita “finished”.

The epicentre of both earthquakes was near the town of Visso in the central Marche region, close to where nearly 300 people were killed by a devastating quake two months ago. The tremors were felt as far away as Rome, Venice and Naples.

Panic-stricken locals in Visso ran into the streets and piazzas of the town.

“The walls fell in on me,” said a woman who rushed out of her office.  MORE

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  1. They complain that the government is spending money on bridge to Sicily that st least makes economic sense. Sicily is the breadbasket of Italy. A bridge would reduce shipping costs and spur tourism. What they should protest is the suicidal policies allowing the Islamization of and eventual destruction of Italy.

  2. These small village houses were built with 700 year old stone/brick …with 700 year old mortar. If somebody belches a house will crumble.

  3. Corona, Without even looking I’ll wager any stone is older than 700 years.

    The wall they are in may be 700 years old.

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