Italy’s Salvini Refuses to Reopen Ports To NGO Boats

Breitbart: Matteo Salvini has rejected “humanitarian” demands that he reopen Italy’s ports to NGO boats ferrying migrants across the Mediterranean, insisting that shutting down the trafficking trade is “the only way to save lives”.

As figures showed a massive drop in the number of migrant drownings since he began blocking the boats last summer and disincentivised people from attempting the journey in the first place, the Italian deputy prime minister hit back at claims his hard-line policy was responsible for the deaths of around 170 migrants believed to have drowned off the coast of Libya last week.

“The more migrants who leave [Africa in boats], the more die,” said Salvini. His assertion has been backed up by UN International Organization for Migration (IOM) figures showing the number of migrants registered dead or missing in the Mediterranean dropped from 5,143 in 2016 to 2,297 last year.

Noting that the number of migrant deaths had dropped significantly since Italy’s globalist Democratic Party fell from power, Salvini stressed that “the only way to save lives is to put all the smugglers in jail”.

In a follow-up post on Facebook, the populist League figure said he refused to be “an accomplice to people-smugglers” who trade in arms and drugs, or to ally himself with “NGOs which do not respect our laws”.

“I have not been, I am not and I will never be an accomplice of the traffickers of human beings that with their earnings they invest in ARMS and DRUGS, and NGOs that do not respect rules and orders,” he wrote in the morning on Facebook. more here


8 Comments on Italy’s Salvini Refuses to Reopen Ports To NGO Boats

  1. The smugglers might have had difficulty explaining why Italy was at fault for migrants drowning off Africa. Is Australia included as well?

  2. I think that if a few of those NGO boats sunk, then the rest would stop running Muslim “migrants”. I can think of more than one way to get the boats to sink…

  3. Ax y’seff … what is an NGO?
    And who is funding them?

    Follow the money.

    But, of course, our vaunted press will never endeavor to expose them.
    Ford Foundation?
    Clinton Foundation?

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. I’m not hardly kidding when I tell you RAGE BOY shops at my local specialty market. I see him on average of twice a month. Normally followed by a 55 gallon trash bag, and three 25 gallon trash bags. I think next time I see him I’ll kick him in the balls, and then shake his hand. Praise Allah Mxther Fxcker.


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