It’ll Be The Cover-Up That Puts Comey Away

The Wall Street Journal’s  Kimberly Strassel  comes out in support of William Barr’s recent testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In a follow-up interview with Sandra Smith, Strassel points to both the spying and the attempted cover-up of the spying by James Comey as fertile ground for a full investigation by the justice department. More

17 Comments on It’ll Be The Cover-Up That Puts Comey Away

  1. Tit for tat, quid pro quo
    Comey deserves a pre-determined outcome before the investigation even begins…

    Lock the bastard up!

  2. Nixon looks like a piker compared to the shit that went down in the Obama admin and His DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc. and yet it will be the Nixon references that will continue to be considered the height of audacity and criminal activity. Nixon ain’t nuthin

  3. I’m tired of hearing that the coverup is worse than the crime. Treason is far worse than the coverup!

  4. Seth Rich is dead… We’ve got the mystery of the missing professor aka spy, Joseph Mifsud…

    I bet the Clinton death count increases as the trail gets closer and closer

  5. Coverup put Nixon away.
    (I notice Cankles is still at large.)
    Tax evasion put Capone away.
    (I notice Sharpton is still at large.)

  6. @ holden a grudge

    Capone was put away and
    Charles’s-es’s Rangels’s-es’s
    is still at large

    Tedward ( homicide ) Kennedy
    would still be at large

    Think of all the men who lost their jobs
    because of sex harassment allegations only

    And slick Willy Clinton is at large
    as well as
    William Kunnucky Smith

  7. Or maybe while out in a field of Iowa somewhere, he should get picked up by a Thunderbird and flown into a nest full of hungry baby birds. I believe that will happen before anyone from the govmint puts him in jail. But, I’d love to be proven wrong.

  8. Because he’s in the woods a lot and flapping his wings, I think he’s a flight risk, he should be locked up without bail/bond.

  9. How did we have an FBI head who struggles with basic reading and listening comprehension?

    Spying? You mean surveillance?
    Illegal? You mean extra legal?
    Treason? You mean resistance?

    He’s as bad as that girl who was interviewing Jordan Peterson who became a meme after completely misinterpreting and restating his plain spoken responses to her ignorant questions.

    So, what you’re saying is *you* are going to engage in a partisan witchhunt against me???

    Why, that’s not very cash money of you. It would be un-American for one administration to investigate the lawbreaking of another.


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