It’s 2018, What’s the Problem With Some Naked People?

You may get the gist of this post by reading these Youtube comments, but you’ll never guess exactly what is going on.
X Zero One Armour
if people are happy with their culture & traditions , whats the Big deal. Its 2018 afterall
Claire Defresnes
That’s just a traditional costume, where is the problem????
Sam tol
what if they cover their boobs wont the costume be okay ?
Claire Defresnes
Why should they cover their boobs? In this case, women should also cover their hair… Frankly, is it problematic to see naked people???? (half-naked here, but they could be totally naked, it wouldn’t be a problem for me).
Sam tol
it is not a big problem sir .. but it can be tempting to the feeble mind
IPL 2018 Official
 whites destroying cultures of others and propagating that anything they do and had done is criminal is deeply distutbing
pippo spano
aaand the problem is that… ? goddamn prudes
Think you have it figured out?
It’s about a performance that was given by a dance troupe at a high school in South Africa.
They were naked.
Not so outrageous? It’s 2018, get over your prudish ways, you say?
What if I told you that some of the students were in the show?
I’m not even going to link to the video because I don’t know what the legality is to link to that sort of thing. I do know that Google is hosting the video on Youtube.
Would they post a video of white American naked high school girls from Connecticut? How about blonde haired Swedish naked high school girls? I don’t think so. So why do they allow videos of black South African high school girls on Youtube?
It has to be because of that elite progressive National Geographic mindset that rationalizes that these are uncivilized people, therefore they can be shown naked because it’s more of a scientific study than a layout in Playboy.
The video is called Shock over naked pupils at EC choral festival.
ht/ The Big Owe

29 Comments on It’s 2018, What’s the Problem With Some Naked People?

  1. Africans are the left’s pets.

    “They don’t know what they’re doing, but aww aren’t they cute? Girls. Come jiggle over here for your Uncle Joe Biden…”

  2. When I was in Jr. High School (under the reign of the Emperor Constantine, if I remember correctly), the only sex education we had was old copies of National Geographic in the school library.

    It wasn’t until I got to be a senior in High School that I discovered that women’s boobs came in any color other than black.


  3. MJA: If White Liberals could have their own Black on a Leash, without it being Racist they would.
    They are seeing these Black girls Dance Nude and Seeing them like an Indigenious Plant or an Animal. Like Part of the Dirt frankly !

  4. White high school girls dancing naked on a stage would never EVER be put on Youtube.
    Underage black girls???
    That’s like having unclothed animals? What’s the problem.
    It’s exactly why National Geographic could have naked black women in the magazine while Hugh Hefner was a pervert that belonged in jail because white women were naked in a magazine.

  5. Good point, Fur.
    So why hasn’t youtube taken it down? Don’t they think African girls are just as worthy as white girls, to be protected? Don’t little naked African feminine lives matter? Where is the pussy hat brigade?!

  6. Would they post a video of white American naked high school girls from Connecticut? How about blonde haired Swedish naked high school girls?

    It would have a heck of a lot more traffic.

  7. From the headline my guess was some dance troupe doing “Nude Ballet”. Again.

    It’s too late for mere nudity to save ballet.

    But nudity just might save women’s wrestling. Or women’s beach volleyball.
    With slow-mo, closeups, and lots of replay.

  8. This is related to a point I made recently to my wife; While I love cooking shows, I’ve come to loathe the “travel” shows. It struck me when watching some “travel” show on the PBS “Create” channel (I got rid of cable several years ago, channels are limited. Bear with me here).

    These douche-bags go to these Third-World Shithole countries and do segments on fashion, cuisine, etc., where people are cooking over stoves fueled by cow dung, resources are scarce, women are working with their hands to scratch out a living…and the hosts act like this is some magical, glorious, idyllic reality that has something to teach us.

    The last one I watched…the female host was in India where some fat Indian “holy men/devotees” of sorts were being body-painted as tigers, with their huge guts and man-tits serving as the canvas for the face of a tiger. All of this was for some “ritual” where these guys “dance” and shake their guts around. The host, of course, was amazed and captivated, honored to be a part of something so holy and respectful…so “cultural.” She placed her hands together and sort of bowed and…wow and stuff.

    What these guys did was on the level of men who paint their torso and go shirtless into the stands at a Packers game.

    This is the Left’s “multiculturalism” in action; dancing, naked, teen girls in Africa in 2018 is an indigenous experience that enlightens, not to be judged by our “western” constructs. It’s culture, man!

  9. I had a girl that helped me, she had a lotta hoochie-coochie ways
    She was bumpin’ and grindin’, paid that girl a dollar a day
    But she was shy on age and the law come and took her away

  10. The Hellenistic Greeks called everyone else barbarians, not because they were arrogant, but because their prolific lexicon described thinking that the rest of humanity at that time could not fathom. Their limited languages sounded like mumbling: bar bar bar….

    We are at that crossroads now. The left is mired in a language of nonsense terms to describe dishonest ‘studies’ and to deflect the Truth.

    Real thoughts, using $10 words is like kryptonite to them now. So they have to conjure up fake ‘culture’, fake sensibilities, fake intelligence and fraudulent outrage when they’re called out for being what they are: stilted MORONS. In the land of plenty, as far as availability of knowledge goes, and of their own choice.

    Yes, wearing mud, prancing to primitive drum beats, fascination with hallucinogens…they’re JoeBiden Genius Smaht™. Barbarians.

  11. Most people look bad enough in their clothes. I really don’t want to see them naked. I don’t even like to look in the mirror when I’m naked.

  12. I’ll answer the question in a way that hopefully pisses off the fewest people here.

    If you look at that video of dancing African school girls, what’s your arousal level?
    Mine was a zero. As a ten-year-old looking at National Geographic (my memory) my arousal level might have been a one or a two on a good day.
    My arousal level looking at 18-year old WASP-ish high school cheerleaders from Connecticut would be a much higher number, as it would be for almost everyone else, virtually all blacks included.
    Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics has done some extensive research on this.

  13. There are some boob shots of white women on youtube. Usually they are feminists that no one wants to look at.

    I’m not surprised by anything on youtube anymore. Some videos that try to explain gravity get pulled while a crack whore can jack off a horse with lewd commentary and still be monetized.

  14. Click on Claire Defresnes link above.
    I’d re-post it here but can’t for legality reasons!
    That’s the only link I clicked on.
    Try it out if you wanna run the gambit of nude vidjaos.

  15. ‘Animated’ National GeoGRAPHIC – 2018

    Look up animated…

    Quite different from the early 70’s….

  16. I’m with you Tim Buktu, but then I have to see far too many very overweight women in yoga pants/leggings, whatever they’re called these days. Even slim women don’t look good in them, why in the hell do overweight women think they do look good in them?
    People need to have a little sympathy for those of us who have to see them.

  17. Ted Nougat: “These douche-bags go to these Third-World Shithole countries and do segments on fashion, cuisine, etc., where people are cooking over stoves fueled by cow dung, resources are scarce, women are working with their hands to scratch out a living…and the hosts act like this is some magical, glorious, idyllic reality that has something to teach us. ”

    YES!!! So I’m not the only one annoyed by that shit!

  18. @ MJA May 31, 2018 at 11:44 pm

    That’s so on the button. I read the travel magazines sometimes when I’m stuck in an airport. They beckon people to 3rd World shitholes to eat and drink stomach-churning weird stuff that the natives make and sell to foolish tourists.

    Travel & Leisure’s David Blowme writes about his trip to Phuket Island, Thailand to try the local delights: We strolled through the thriving market in town and tried the most delectable street treats since our Syrian trip last month. Wonderful grilled monkey nuts with a traditional Thai peanut sauce, and scorpion breaded then deep fried. My companion ate one and felt a slight stinging sensation in his left cheek. The vendor laughed and clapped. “You lucky man – only lucky people have that…you will get lots of dollars – you will see. You velly lucky man you come here today.”…OK, we went back to the hotel, had some down time, & got ready for dinner, at one of the fish and grill restaurants that was highly recommended by our Thai friend Harry, the restaurant owner who accompanied us. From blocks away, the smell was of pungent barbeque, which came out from the back of the restaurant. We went out there to peek, and an entire elephant was on a huge spit, slowly turning over the hot grills. An army of cooks were slicing off big chunks of cooked elephant meat. The smell of the cooked elephant was stunning – smoky, sweet, and very Asian. the bouquet wafted our way and made us crazy-hungy. Since barbequed elephant was the specialty, we thought if fitting that we order it. The elephant steaks were supurb, dressed with lemon grass and served with coconut and tadpole steamed basmati rice. We tried the excellent Thai Beer, Jungle Fever, and also had a shot of the famous Thai cocktail, Thai whiskey mixed with fresh snake blood. We went back to the hotel happy after taking such an amazing journey to the best of Thai cuisine. That night, we held each other tight and dreamt about our wonderful gastric adventure in The Heart of Lightness, which is how we will fondly remember Thailand.

  19. I remember! High school study hall. Encyclopedia Britannica. A-for Africa and Australia, R-for Rubens.

  20. Tim Buktu – Oh lawd! LMAO! You should write for Nat Geo.

    I did like watching “River Monsters” with that sport fisherman. Jeremy something. I don’t remember.
    One episode, he got on my nerves when while in Africa somewhere, he finally captured some big assed rarely seen fish (He’s always capturing plenty of rarely seen fish. lol) and the villagers were all excited because they could eat for a week! Well, he narrated about how he tried to convince them to let it go because blah blah blah, but it seemed to be dying and he thought it would be good to let them have it because it could feed 2 villages. How mighty white of him, eh? lol. How are you gonna wave a 12 foot long fish in front of a starving village and tell them it’s only for looking at, not for eating? Pfft. He’s lucky he didn’t get his ass kicked! (And eaten) Even I wanted to beat his ass through the TV (But not eat it.)


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