It’s a ‘Disease from Mommy and Me’ – Joe Biden Admits Hunter’s Addiction Came from Him: Report

WJ: President Joe Biden blamed himself and his late wife for his son’s drug addiction in text messages unearthed from Hunter Biden’s allegedly abandoned laptop.

Another round of messages obtained from Hunter’s hard drive, the contents of which were reportedly verified this year by the Daily Mail, reveals that the Biden family apparently has a history of substance abuse.

In one message published by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, now-President Joe Biden blamed Hunter’s addiction on genetics. more

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  1. …I would imagine living with a patgologically lying rapist pedophile like Joe and his looney, power obsessed, adulterous side piece would drive ANYONE to drugs…

  2. There isn’t anything associated with the entire loathsome lot that anyone with a shred of decency can take any pride in. Not a damn thing.

  3. I wonder what else Joe will admit too publicly, by accident, due to dementia?
    Can he self incriminate publicly or will the 25th amendment be used to actually rescue him from is own mouth?

  4. Gawd, these people lie straight to your face and Joe doesn’t blink an eye. Pathetic that the POS Biden has to blame it on his deceased wife for Humper’s drug problems. Humper was 2 years old when his mother died. I doubt Humper even remembers his mother much less blame her for the way he turned out. I’d say it’s more Jill’s fault.

    Biden was born on February 4, 1970,[4] in Wilmington, Delaware. He is the second son of Neilia Biden (née Hunter) and Joe Biden.[5] Hunter Biden’s mother and younger sister Naomi were killed in an automobile crash on December 18, 1972

    Why not lay it at your feet Joe, you were too busy lying and cheating–like fathr like son.

  5. I would surmise that there is enough stuff on the Biden Family laptop to cause horror, disgust and laughter for some decades to come.

  6. All these revelations are great fun, but the only laptop data admissible in court, would be the data on the laptop now in the possession of the FBI, which has by now been: a) Lost
    b) scrubbed clean
    c). Returned to Hunter wit an apology.

  7. There is something to having a predisposition to addictions like alcoholism, which I can say with some confidence due to my Irish ancestors and being an alcoholic myself.

    The difference being that, when I became an adult, unlike Hunter there was no one gonna facilitate that nonsense for me, get me out of jail, or keep me from getting my ass beat or knifed, so at one point I realized I had to quit before it killed me, and haven’t drunk alcohol in the many decades since.

    But even though I don’t drink and haven’t for years, I still consider myself an alcoholic because I know I CAN drink like a fish and could EASILY fall back into it if I let myself.

    And I’m nobody and in no way exceptional.

    Whatever the Pedo and his cosplaying bitchy ‘flight attendant’ did to him, Hunter is now a grown-ass man and has been a LONG time, and a very RICH one, too. If he WANTED to kick it, he has unlimited resources for the best kinds of help, and could buy a suite of rooms at the Betty Ford Center if he wanted to.

    But like many an addict I’ve seen…he doesn’t WANT to.

    No matter how much Pedo screwed him up, it’s all HIM now. As a child, Hunter had no choice. As an adult, Hunter has a choice.

    He chooses to poison himself.

    And no matter how many addicts I’ve seen go this way, however many freinds I’ve seen bury their addicted children, no matter the grief I’ve seen in their families and friends who I DO sympathize with, I cannot feel sympathy for the committed addict.

    Because I’ve known those people and EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. has been offered MULTIPLE ways out.

    Because I’ve had freinds that DID take the way out, so I know it CAN be done.

    Because I’ve BEEN that person and found a way out MYSELF, by the Lord’s help and grace.

    So don’t tell me Hunter is what Joe made him, because it’s just another Joe lie.

    Hunter was NOT made by Joe, but by the Lord.

    And he can call on THAT paternity as an ADULT if he wishes.

    …if he doesn’t do so, that’s on HIM.

    …quit blaming everyone else and man the fuck up, or die.

    …which in the end, are the only two paths available to the addicted and he WILL ultimately take one…or the other…but it’s always his OWN choice.

    No one can tell me Hunter doesn’t LIKE what he’s doing.

    Until and unless THAT changes, neither will HE, Joe or NO Joe…

  8. His dead wife was a drunken mess. She drove drunk and killed herself and their daughter. Joe then smears as a drunk driver the innocent driver of the vehicle his drunk ass wife hit. The other driver was tested and found to not be under the influence. Meanwhile, the toxicology report of the dead, dipsomaniac wife disappeared.

  9. I will repeat a previous comment from another site: The apple does not fall far from the tree.

    To know the father, observe the son.

  10. You see what Joe did here, by blaming himself AND his deceased wife (who died when Huckster was 2), he at once blames “nature” as opposed to “nurture”, and his long-gone wife. This (in his “mind”) exonerates Joe and Jill who raised this pervert.

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