It’s a Dutch Thing


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  1. I don’t think it’s a dutch thing as much as it is a “come vacation in Amsterdam and smoke lots o’ weed” thing.

  2. Been there. Saw all the bikes in the canals. The assholes that throw the bikes into the canals are most likely Liberal douche’ bags that protest global warming and all that other bullshit.

  3. How many dead camels did they drudge up?

    Have you been to Amsterdam lately?? It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish it from any middle eastern craphole in the sahara.

  4. I’m thinking that Amsterdam has the highest ‘public urination’ rate in the world, (from personal observation.) ‘Not sure how this correlates with the number of bicycles in the canal, but I’m sure it does…somehow.

  5. I once observed an entire bike rack filled with chained bikes get stolen in broad daylight from in front of an Amsterdam shop. Four swarthy Middle-Easterners hopped out of their car, hefted the bike rack onto the trailer they were towing, and sped away.

  6. You nailed it………

    the bikes were stolen and when the crook got to their destination……

    the crook throws them in the canals……

    just got back from Maastricht, Netherlands.

  7. I’ve been to the Netherlands several times. If only .5% of bicycles in Amsterdam took a dive into the canals that would still be a large barge full of bicycles.

    An interesting look at the top ten: .

    In the Netherlands:

    People: 16,652,800
    Bicycles: 16,500,000
    Cyclists: ~99.1%

    … .. most cyclists don’t wear helmets. And bike theft is a big problem, with about one of five (20%) bicycles being stolen each year.

  8. BTW… time you get to the EU stop in a bicycle shop and check out the prices…..plain vanilla bikes are like 1500E (euros) a piece…..that might be the reason that you see a lot of “clunkers” out and even the clunkers are chained.

    Most likely their bike theft problem increased with their moslem immigration surge……Most EU’s are pretty docile except for the moslems.

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