It’s A Miracle!

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  1. Looking at the concert speeches by the has beens. Looks like HW will be checking out pretty soon.

    As for W, let him go back to assisting the wounded warrior programs and shut the fuck up.

  2. He sees that his fellow travelers are in deep trouble and knew he had to remove his mask and get in there and help. Pretty much exposes the treachery of the Bush family.

  3. @organgrinder – you got it. Bush made his Twitter feed private a day or two before the Uranium One news dropped. Now why would he do that? The Bushes are part of the swamp and they’re worried. That’s why he’s “speaking out” now.

  4. Nothing to be baffled about Bush finally speaking out after eight years of silence. He finally found someone he really disagrees with after eight years of respectful silence.

  5. One of my favorite jokes (although it’s getting a bit dated now) is about a woman who goes into a coma in 1955, right after President Eisenhower’s heart attack. She comes out of the coma in 1970, and the first thing she asks the doctors when she regains consciousness is, “Tell me – how is President Eisenhower?”

    A doctor tells her, “He’s dead.”

    She cries out, “Oh my God – Nixon’s President!”

  6. He found his voice on PDT’s Inauguration Day. Hillary is now quoting that approvingly to trash PDT. What he has recently rediscovered is Michael Gerson to take the bumpkin out of that voice.

  7. There is not a logical reason in the world for either Bush to be seen with three of the most despicable democrat losers in America. Why would they do that? And to think they can fool Americans into donating disaster relief money to any person or organization linked to the Clinton Foundation?

  8. Lazlo posits that these swamp creatures griping is evidence that Mr. Trump is indeed draining the swamp.
    Their mouthing off indicates that the water level is going down and their mud holes are going dry
    Mr. Trump is pissing off all the right people

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