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It’s a ShitShow

Somebody Pooped Next To Hillary & Chelsea Clinton At Broadway Show.

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  1. They had to check ID’s to find the turds.

  2. Authorities lost little time in matching up Chels to a “Lost Puppet” poster issued by Jeff Dunham. When they found her they said ‘Ain’t that some shit!”

    Well actually that’s over there…

  3. In a crowded theatre, surrounded by synchophants and security, someone was able to drop a deuce next to one of the most heavily guraded and closely watched people in the world, and no one saw or smelled anything.


    Pull the other one, its got bells on it.

  4. I can envision the next headline.

    Alvin Bragg: Additional charges forthcoming as DNA results indicate Trump dropped a deuce in crowded theater.

  5. It was either Hilly or Cheesy who dropped it – as pointed out, too much security for some random pooper.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Tim – FJB MARCH 22, 2023 AT 7:16 AM
    “It was either Hilly or Cheesy who dropped it ”

    …Maybe Hillzebub was trying to reproduce by calving, best be careful with that if so…

  7. …and never forget that this is the same woman that was SO paranoid AROUND FRIENDLY REPORTERS that she walked in a security envelope BEHIND A ROPE BOX BEING CARRIED FORWARD AS SHE WALKED to keep people who LOVE her away.

    ht tps://

    ,..sorry, I don’t believe ANYONE gets into the space of the Wicked Witch of Chappequa unless she LETS them into it.

    So either she did it, or she approved of it, or of whoever gave her that particular gift.

  8. Find our where crazy joey was at that particular time and the mystery will be solved!

  9. Did they call hazmat? I guess they wouldn’t if it wasn’t shit-shit.

  10. Next time Hillary attends, the usher should hand her a roll of Charmin.

  11. Anonymous
    MARCH 22, 2023 AT 10:58 AM
    “Should have shit on them not near them.”

    …that would only make them larger and more powerful by adding the same material to them that they are already comprised of.

  12. I could understand someone looking to their left seeing Hillary and having the shit scared out of them.

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