It’s actually dangerous to have a representative this friggin stupid – way to go Minnesota – IOTW Report

It’s actually dangerous to have a representative this friggin stupid – way to go Minnesota


Kim Norton- Minnesota Representative from House District-25B

Wait until you see this twitter exchange. THIS IS AN ELECTED POLITICIAN!!!!!

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say I’m from Minnesota, but happy to say I moved out almost 40 years ago. Damn…….I’m older than I thought. Anyway, all my family is still there, and yes, they are libs.

  2. Her first bill should be on low capacity wiper wells for rear window wiper fluid.

    I’m sorry if that sounds stupid, but my IQ dropped at least 60 points reading that exchange….

  3. I think we end up with brain damaged, lying oxygen wasters like this in office because no sane, honest, decent person wants to be part of the corrupt criminal enterprise that is our government these days. Like the morally bankrupt “progressive” politician she is, she refused to admit what was already proven beyond doubt (that it was a windshield wiper rather than a gun barrel) because she was fully invested in pushing her anti-gun narrative regardless of facts.

  4. Hahaha.. I’m laughing too hard.

    How come she hasn’t used science like 98% of all scientist do? The gun is an AUTOMATIC ASSAULT COMBAT TACTICAL weapon that discharged itself in such rapid fashion as to friction weld itself to the back hatch to give the appearance of a wiper!!


  5. “unjacketed hunting rifle”?! Unjacketed? Does the rifle “jacket” have to have a fleece collar, too? What a moron.

  6. Exactly, it is seriously painful to watch people who will never admit that their initial impression may have been in error, even when the preponderance of the evidence would support that they are completely off target.

  7. She still looks like a genius compared to that slack-jawed half-wit Patty Murray. I don’t think I have ever seen a photograph of Murray in which she didn’t have her mouth hanging open.

  8. Photos of a car accident clearly show the rear window of one car broken out with the rear window wiper blade bent outward. She thinks the wiper blade is an “unjacketed hunting rifle” and natters on about it being unsafely transported and going off all by itself, blah, blah. Other Twitter users point out the obvious; it is not a rifle , it’s a broken wiper blade. She gets all huffy when people point out that she is, in fact, an idiot. lololol

  9. It rained yesterday, and I turned on those things that are supposed to clear water from the windshield, and I was shocked to see a pair of rifles wiping back and forth across my windscreen!!!… I was terrified!!!… I don’t think they were loaded. Thank God the cops didn’t see me.

  10. She is from Minasoda, eh?
    Home of Jesse Ventura, Keith Ellison, Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, Al Franken, Frank Kellogg, Paul Wellstone, ad-nauseam.
    I think it’s the long cold winters, they are all a little ‘teched in the head’.
    Oh ya ya, know dat.
    Southerners get mocked for their accent, have you ever been to Minasoda? It’s like you’re in a non-English speaking country.

  11. That’s because no matter how bad the error they must never allow others to see them as stupid ignorant fools lest people will know libtards aren’t as smart as they tell everyone they are.

  12. Ya, you betcha. A feller could do worse, don’t cha know. Didjaeat? No? Let’s godamall an stop at the foodcourt for a little lunch. Day gots senior discount with dat coupon, allright. After that, we go to Sven an Ollies for a beer an a bump.

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