It’s Almost As If Ben Knew There’d Be An Obama One Day

Safety and security, as provided by the government, is an illusion. – YoungConsScreen Shot 2016-01-05 at 4.48.21 PM

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  1. Would the slaves have been freed if they could have looked down through the years and seen the war on poverty and the Obama P-residency?

  2. The one who ignores the Constitution is the one who took an “Oath” to protect it. His word means nothing.

    obama is a traitor to all who fought to establish and preserved this nation.

  3. He was a crazy old man who qualifies for Social Security that ran a key up a kite string…no gun for Ben according to Obama!

  4. Right, by our acquiescence we have aided and abetted in turning this country over to a smorgosboard of low life foreigners, multi-culturalists and diversification freaks!

  5. Well I just banged out an awesome post a got an “oops we have a problem yadda yadda”. Fuck it, not doing it again, but I would encourage you check this out. Obama the fag has been stripping veterans of gun rights for some time. Recently they’ve been told their gun rights will be restored if they forgo their veterans benefits. I can’t see thing not exploding in the next year.

  6. I don’t need their safety. Mine rides on my hip. That’s what they’re trying to take away. It’s not a question of them providing safety. They are trying to make us victims. That’s not happening. And what the hell was VayJay doing there, besides have an orgasm while the fag tried to disarm us.

  7. The more I read of our founders the more impressed I am with their wisdom and courage. They are looking down at us and wonder if we have the wisdom and courage to turn this around.

  8. The only way any of this matters is if we don’t win in November
    Anybody on our side who wins will have a good time repealing all his nonsense edicts.
    If they don’t they should be hounded out of office.

  9. The danger is, that if we don’t win they will claim a mandate and run full steam ahead. If that happens how do you present yourself to the Country as a Liberator?

  10. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have back just one of the Founding Fathers to be President for a term to undue what we have mucked up in the last 200 years?

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